A true filipino Essay

How can you say that you are a True Filipino? Is it when you have a fair complexion? Or is it when you are using language that is mostly used in the Philippines? How can you adopt the values of a Filipino? The beliefs will you also adopt it? All questions will be answered on the following paragraphs.

First, the Filipino people is known to be kind, helpful and generous people. The one character that the Filipino always posses is being “Religious”.

Every community in the Philippines have it’s own celebration the feast of their own patron saint.

For example the Penafrancia Fiesta. We celebrate the feast of Nuestra Senora de Penafrancia. Even though the other Filipino is in the other country they also celebrate the feast of their patron saint by going home to the Philippines and sometimes when they don’t have enough money to go in the Philippines they pray in the church for their love ones and for their own patron saint.

Second, it is not because you have a fair complexion and you are using the language of the Filipino’s you are already a Filipino. It is a big No! The beliefs of Filipino is from the very first group of their family. The true Filipino is not classified by their appearance but the true Filipino is classified by the inside appearance of every people.

So, what did you think how can you say that a people is a Filipino? You,Yourself are you one of us. You have your own answer on those question. Always remember a true Filipino is not classify in the outside but in the inside.

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