Anthropology and Ethnic Boundary Markers Essay

1) In what ways do you think you might experience Ethnic Conflict – on a much smaller level – in your own life? Do you see it in other peoples lives? 2) Can you identify some of the Ethnic Boundary markers you see in our own culture (specifically microcultures)? Do these markers change depending where you go? Are these markers a good thing or a bad thing? What Ethnic Boundary Markers would you like to see change? 3) How fragile is our own nation? Where do you see Ethnic intolerance or Ethnocentrism ? Do you see fragments of ethnic stratification? 4) If Ethnic Conflict were to ever “break out”, in the U.

S. what do you think would be the main causes specifically?

5) Place yourself in the shoes of an Anthropologist who is taking a fully emic approach to their Ethnic Conflict research. Are the hardships involved worth the benefits that could result from the research? Is “the juice worth the squeeze”? 6) Do you agree with Anthropologists who feel the need to downplay violence within Ethnic Conflict in order to help propel the idea of non-western stabilization? 7) Do you agree with Anthropologists who feel that refugee camps are “part of the problem”? 8) Do you think our world will ever see an end to Ethnic Conflict?

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