Attitude of the Filipino Essay

Attitude of the Filipino Essay.

I was raised as a simple women and I seldom think of my “caprechos” even though I’m deprived with so many things. Although I’m earning my own money, I seldom think of my WANTS. That’s why I dont know how to react or feel on this kind of stories. But you know what I think? Some Filipinos who acts as if they’re filty rich have many debts! They show the fruit of their labor, oops! My mistake, the fruit of their “utang” (debt) You can’t measure sucess with what you have alone, but how many lives you’ve touched.

hmm, i don’t think that a success story. for me, it really depends on the attitude formed and not on the nationality.

Its sad to know that if someone sees for example a filipino nurse behaving against the norm set in their place, they would take it against most or all of the filipino nurses and stereotype them.

every basket has a couple of rotten apples but the sad thing is the basket is known for having 2 rotten apples than having 98 good ones. what id like to read in this thread are the real success stories that they had after all those negativities they’ve encountered. there’s a lot of success stories about filipino nurses. but the recent post was very TRUE.. here’s another story…. – my mom is a CNA in chicago and she’s working in a nursing home.

Im expecting to hear good values coz filipinos are very much known for good character. my mom was handling a 70 yr. old man and my mom maked sure that she took care of that patient and gave the old man a warm bath. she talked to the patient and asked if he wants to take his dinner.

My mom lift the bed side rails and checked if its good enough to put the old man in bed. she endorsed the patient to her co-cna’s and her nurse buddy before taking her break.. job well done. but after 30 minutes during my mom’s break nurses on duty run to the old man’s room and found the patient lying on the floor and screaming for help. my mom maked sure that before her break bedside rails were lift but the filipino nurse didnt took care of the patient (my mom’s buddy and team for that shift) and instead of doing the rounce that nurse and her girlfriend sleep…. …

The incident was reported to the dna and both of the filipino nurse yelled that they didnt want that to happen.. and refused to talk w/ my mom.. duh..!!.. my mom is a good employee for 25 yrs. i dont know waht happened to the so called TLC?? is it only for the green bucks?? or tired of worked??.. dont know… i was really sad to hear that some filipino nurses were that arrogant and very iresponsible.

Attitude of the Filipino Essay