Business, government and society Essay

Business, government and society Essay.

Business, government and society – all 3 are inter-related with each other. Things remain unchanged for all companies. Robi is not different from that. Govt. is a system through which policies and rules are made and implemented for the society. Society is a network of human relation. Consumer of a product comes from the society and govt. is a part of total social system.

Robi and other telephone operators company once decided that they will close the access of new company in the market.

So they gave money to some powerful person of govt. So, now new comp can’t access in the telecom market.

Robi’s consumer – who belongs to the society are confined in these old telecom companies. They are also disturbed over the government and Robi. That’s how Robi, govt. and society are inter-related. There are four models of BGS relationship:

1. Market Capitalism Model 3. Dominance Model 2. Dynamic Force Model 4. Stakeholders Model Robi stands in Dominance Model. Robi and other 4 companies are all of the telecom market. No new competitor can come here. Robi and other 4 companies with the help of government control the market. A company’s stakeholders are those who can affect and affected by the operations of that company. If it is done directly they are the internal stakeholders and if it is done indirectly they are the external stakeholders. Robi’s internal stakeholders are its Board of directors, Managers, Employees and all the people who have direct influence over the firm’s action. External stakeholders are Customer, Government, Potential buyers, Competitors etc. A Board of Directors of Robi can easily change its operations and if Robi losses he will be responsible for that. Robi changes its packages according to its customer choice, otherwise they will not use Robi.

Business Environment of Robi:

Every company has its own environment. There are two types of environment, external and internal. As the method Robi has the maximum control over its internal environment and has no or less control over its external environment. Now Robi needs to know the environment for its strategic planning and to create link with society. Its environment depends on their strength like technology, law, social responsibilities, government, and local competition over telecom business. Robi is a mobile operator in Bangladesh which concentrates on offering GSM communication services for private and corporate customer. Their intention is to promote the wireless lifestyle -the complete mobile society. And that is their mission.

Their structure based on the services they provide like internet and mobile networks. And their resources are international server and national networking system through which their system process is running. Robi’s management includes their all employees, board of director, owners and key stakeholders etc. is maintaining the culture of this company. And these are inter-related to each other to make their internal environment. In the sense of environment, through better technologies than other telecom companies Robi try to attract more customers. Robi take care of all labor force and suppliers to create a link in society by abiding the government policy. And that’s there external environments. Robi is jointed with a foreign company. So we can assume that government has given them an entry to our market.

And letting them doing business here. So it’s a governmental or political environment of this company. This company is profiting day by day. This money comes from us and that changes our economy. So they have clear connection with this economical issue which is their economical environment. Consumers of this company are enjoying cheap rates and good network. So, more people are finding attraction.

The attitude and behavior is changing slightly. That is how the society is working for the company as its environment. The one most important part of this company is technology. Telecom companies are depended on technology. Good server and network is their main key to maximizing their profit. But technology changes very fast. So, the company has to keep pace with their technological environment. This company also obsessed with natural environment like bad weather, bad network.

Business Power of Robi:

Power is the force or strength that can change something. Business power is the Strength of business that can change a society. Robi made its sim card and call rate more cheep. So, more people are using Robi now. There are different types of business power and that do different changes. When Robi reduces its call rate, people talk more over telephone. Their expenses for telephone increase. This is creates economical change.

Robi sponsors various cultural programs on various occasions. So, these programs are regaining its lost glory. Thus Robi makes cultural change. Robi is introducing new services like- mobile ticketing, 4G, internet services etc. through their technology. This technological power is making our life more easy. After the availability of mobile phone people talk so much over phone. Robi is changing our habit by giving special offers and talktimes. There are also various power inside Robi like – political power, positional power, coercive power, reward power etc.

Business, government and society Essay

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