Cancer Informative Speech Essay

Cancer is a big issue all around the world. It can affect the young and old, active and inactive, and slim and overweight. There are no guarantees for anyone. Even though everyone may be at risk, there are ways to protect yourself and lower your risk. By protecting yourself from cancer, you can avoid smoking and avoid exposure to other’s people smoke. You don’t want to overeat, drink too much alcohol, or eat too many fatty foods. Also, exercise should be in your daily routine.

Cancer cells develop from out-of-control growth of abnormal cells. Cells become cancer cells from damage DNA. In most cases, cancer cells will then form a tumor.

The cancer cells do spread throughout the body, by which they’re replacing normal tissue. As the cancer is spreading, the cancer will be named by where it started. Signs and symptoms of cancer can be very noticeable. Some of the symptoms you may recognize and should get checked out by your doctor are: lump anywhere on your body, changes on your skin to and existing mole, a cough that lasts for more than three weeks, change in bowel habit that lasts more than six weeks, any abnormal bleeding from urine, unexplained weight loss, and coughing up blood.

There are a lot of different cancers and they all can be treated in different ways.

There are options you can choose from, such as chemotherapy, radiation, medications, or surgery. The options may very how far along your cancer is and how much your cancer has spread throughout your body. Cancer is never 100% curable. If the cancer is treated early, then it’s more likely to be curable and more chances to the person’s survival. It does depend on what type of cancer the person has, what stage it is in, and how well they respond to the treatment. If you are diagnosed with cancer, it is very rare that it’s not going to come back within the next five years.

The leading type of cancer for women is breast cancer. The other most common types of cancer are lung cancer, colorectal cancer, and cancer of the uterus. The leading type of cancer for men is prostate cancer. Then the other common cancers are lung cancer, colorectal cancer, and also “race-dependent” cancer. If you are a white male this type of cancer is bladder cancer. If you are a black male is cancer of the mouth and throat. Then for Asian/Pacific Island males it is stomach cancer. Also the leading type of cancer for children is leukemia. There is also brain tumors, and lymphoma.

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