Celebrities Responsibility to Act as Role Models Essay

Celebrities Responsibility to Act as Role Models Essay.

To begin with, stardom, fame, wealth and glory never comes alone. It brings a tremendous burden of standing mannerism and cautious attitude. Those who fail to do so, not only put into danger their position in people, but are also responsible for promoting negative trends in their followers. Hence I acknowledge the statement that the celebrities bear huge responsibilities to act as role models.

As we are living in a world of media today, it is not surprising that these celebrities remain in limelight and are chased everywhere by cameras.

The most influence is done to the youth. The lavish, luxurious, colorfull and expansive lifestyles of these celebrities can inspire anyone who loves to dream. The young people, try to imitate them in clothing, hair style and even in walking and talking. At a certain level, this all remains bearable, however the problem occurs when young boys start to detto them in smoking, drinking and trying to do all other things in their favourite celebrities style.

Young people do not only imitate their outlook, but also start imagining the world from the eyes of these celebrities, instead of nurturing their own thoughts and ideas. Young women waste a wholesum of money in doing the same style of dressing and buying acessories, that are only a waste of time and money, however, very attractive for the businessmen. T-shirts with celebrities names and pictures are one of the examples. Young boys and girls imitate themselves to be Leonardo Dicaprio and Angelina Jolie or expect their spouses to act in the same manner.

This whole attitude of young people, brings a responsibility towards media and its people. As celebrities should know, that their foot prints are being followed with curiousity and greed, they should hold the symbols of honesty and welfare. It is often seen that interviews of these celebrities are read with keen interest by young people. Young boys and girls are eager to know the personal aims and attitudes of these people. They observe them closely and then imitate them in every instance of their life. The youth pay great attention to their advises. Even more than their parents, teachers and their well-wishers.

It is thus an immense liability of celebrities to act positively, not only in public but also in their private lives. They need to show trustworthiness and honesty. A small change in their attitude can affect much more than books and lectures of teachers and parents. We are living in an era, where media is the most powerful part of our lives. We often blindly follow the trends of not only clothing, but also the popular trends of thoughts and ideas, as spoken or shown on television. Hence the media people, that is the celebrities play an important role in making a positive impact on today’s youth.

Celebrities Responsibility to Act as Role Models Essay