Chapter 21 notes- the kite runner Essay

Amir visits his old house in Kabul and the hill north of Baba’s house- The city is now completely unfamiliar to Amir, and he looks at it almost as a tourist Amir looks outside his bedroom window and remembers looking out of it when watching Hassan and Amir leave. “Twenty-five years earlier, I had stood behind that same window, thick rain dripping down the panes and my breath fogging up the glass. I had watched Hassan and Ali load their belongings into the trunk of my father’s car” -Amir Characters involved: Amir Farid Hassan- Amir discusses their good memories in the yard of Baba’s house and up at the pomegranate tree on the hill.

“Amir and Hassan. The Sultans of Kabul”- still carved into the pomegranate tree. A man and woman were executed on the soccer oval in front of all the spectators Characters involved: Taliban (Islamic radicals) Amir Farid Woman and man both killed by rocks “And they call themselves Muslims” -Farid “Mord? Mord? Is he dead? ” -Amir “Every sinner must be punished in a manner befitting his sin! ”- Cleric at the stadium.

This part of the text gives evidence that the Taliban are brutal, have no sympathy and are murderers. The Taliban say they are obeying God. Meeting arranged to meet with the Taliban that afternoon.

Characters involved: Farid- asks for Amir Taliban official Symbols Pomegranate tree “Then I went looking for the abandoned cemetery. It didn’t take me long to find it. It was still there, and so was the old pomegranate tree. ”- Amir “I stood under it, remembered all the times we’d climbed it, straddled it’s branches, our legs swinging, dappled sunlight flickering through the leaves and casting on our faces a mosaic of light and shadow. The tangy taste of pomegranate crept into my mouth. ” -Amir The ruined, dead tree serves as a symbol that the city Kabul that Amir knew was now dead. Environment- Kabul- *Desolate.

*Ruined *Dusty *Abandoned *Sun-dried Amir’s house *Surrounded by weeds *Rusty “The Wall of Ailing Corn was still there, though I saw no corn, ailing or other-wise, along that wall now. ”-Amir Paint peeled off “The house was far from the sprawling white mansion I remembered from my childhood. It looked smaller. ” -Amir “Like so much else in Kabul, my father’s house was the picture of fallen splendour. ” -Amir “I wanted to step into the foyer, smell the orange peel Ali always tossed into the stove to burn the sawdust. Sit at the kitchen table, have tea with a slice of naan, listen to Hassan sing old Hazara songs. ” -Amir.

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