Cities and urban life Essay

Cities and urban life Essay.

In any developing and developed countries, one of the indicators of development is the infrastructure and the growth of cities. Urban culture is the cultural behavior that is associated with the urbanites. Cities all over the world, from the time immemorial have behaviors and cultural elements that separate them from otherwise specific comparable rural areas. In the developed countries, the word urban is solemnly used as a euphemism to describe dot com culture or subsets of racial culture, and this forms a defined groups as a type of urban tribe.

Therefore, names for cultural artifacts like urban loud music could be seen as a new term for certain class music. It can also refer to the greater availability of cultural resources such as art, theatre, events, etc as compared to suburban or rural areas. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Impacts of urban life In summary, the author ventures on the advantages and disadvantages of urban life as compared to rural life. Here, there arises a query as to why the rich or the affluent prefer living in major cities.

Moreover, the poor are associated with the rural life. Some of the advantages of urban life include availability of basic human needs in varieties.

There is cheap and ready means of transport in urban areas as opposed to rural areas. Availabilities of reputable health facilities. In rural areas, one has to travel miles away to access health facilities, market, higher institution of learning etc. Contrary to that, some of the weaknesses associated with urban life include congestion due to over population, concurrent crime activities, pollution to water, air and environment at large, due to wreck less dumping of refuses, polythene bags and tins. Slums are another menace associated with urban life. In every large city, there must be a slum nearby.

Conclusion From other disciplines perspective, the author introduces a disciplinary analyses and contested accounts of tourism and urban culture from geographical, historical, sociological, anthropological and economical point of view. Finally, there are some developments in subject field analyses from urban and planning studies, Cultural and leisure studies, Gender and queer studies.


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Cities and urban life Essay

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