Compare and Contrast McDonalds and Sonic Restaurants Essay

When comparing Sonic (America’s Drive Inn), and McDonald’s patrons would “be” surprised to know that these two restaurants are the same in many ways, but their different at the same time. Although McDonald’s and Sonic sell similar food items they both have many differences in store design, menus, and customer service. Sonic Restaurants gives customers a feeling like attending a drive inn movie or a skating rink; whereas in McDonald’s Restaurants there is a golden arch shaped like the letter “m” on the name board outside the restaurant, and in the inside there is a clown picture of Ronald McDonald on the wall.

Inside McDonald’s Restaurant are tables and chairs where the customer can sit down and eat inside. Some McDonald’s offers a play land for children. Patrons also can give their child’s birthday party there.

Both restaurants are popular in the fast food industry. They both cater to the same type of customers and offer somewhat similar food items.

For instance, Sonic has the Brown Bag Meal deal for $8.99, and McDonald’s has the two Big Mac Sandwiches combo for $10. McDonald’s is popular for its WI-FI connection in their stores. McDonald’s showcase their restaurants as clean, comfortable, and welcoming. It seems to me they are trying to stay in tune with the customer lifestyle. As for Sonic Restaurants they went from a root beer stand to a popular franchise overnight. Statistics show that Sonic has become the largest drive inn chain in the United States. Nevertheless Sonic Restaurants are becoming more popular within the fast food industry with providing the same service with a smile, along with possessing bigger burgers than McDonald’s. Sonic Restaurant’s employees greet you on roller skates at the drive in booth where customers place their order to bring the food out to their car at the driver side window.

Even though both McDonald’s Restaurants and Sonic restaurants serve fast food to the public, they are totally different from each other in décor, and service. For instance, McDonald’s Restaurants menu board is located behind and above cash registers on the wall whereas Sonic Restaurants’ menu board is outside on the driver side in the drive-in booth where people place their order. Do not get me wrong both restaurants serve some of the most delicious fast food items in the world, but if Stephanie had to choose out of the two it would be McDonald’s Restaurant. McDonald’s offers us a variety of food items located on the dollar menu. They also offer value meals under three dollars. Sonic is known for its unique made-to-order menu items. Sonics hamburgers are served in aluminum foil preserving the heat, and drinks are served in Styrofoam cups to preserve the cold. McDonald’s has a number of low calorie items on the menu, and Sonic does not carry it on its product menu.

Sonic Restaurants has a wacky pack for kids that include a learning pack, and a free toy. This restaurant provides season- based or generic toys instead of toys with movie or television ties. Sonic restaurants serve more than 398,929 fountain drinks, and slush’s combinations. They also serve foot long Coney Hotdogs, onion rings, croissants, and mozzarella Sticks. As of August 2011 there were 3,561 Sonic Restaurants in 43 States. As consumers think of Sonic Restaurants they think of burgers, fries, and slush’s. Sonic Corporation employees and executives believe in Animal Welfare. Sonic believes that handling animals in a humane manner, and preventing neglect or abuse, is their corporate responsibility and quite simply the right thing to do. Sonic is more than a wonderful place to grab a foot long quarter pound Coney, and a Cherry Limeade.

Sonic has provided the setting for many milestones in our customers’ lives. However, Sonic is reluctant do to the colder climates and their basis as a drive inn restaurant. Sonic should look at adding to its restaurants to increase competitiveness, and make it easier for them to expand into other areas without limiting themselves. This means that if they build an indoor seating restaurant this franchise just may grow into a billion dollar empire. Customers look for comfort ability when enjoying their meals, especially when there are children involved. Majority of the McDonald’s restaurants are open 24 hours each day. McDonald’s Restaurants carries some food items that Sonic Restaurants does not such as the Big Mac Sandwich, oatmeal, egg McMuffin sandwiches, and McCafe Latte. Believe it or not the first McDonald’s was a drive in where they had car hop service back in 1948. Back then their hamburgers were.15 cents, and in 1962 they began their restaurants with indoor seating.

This was a great idea for this invention. McDonald’s is also called the restaurant where a billion customers have been served. As of January 2012 there were 13,918 McDonalds Restaurants across the United States. McDonald’s Restaurants have the Ronald McDonald House for the families of sick children. This place is a home away from home for families whose child is hospitalized with an illness such as cancer, diabetes, lupus, aids, and other different illnesses so the family can be close to his or her ailing child at little or no cost to the family. Chief Executive Don Thompson states that they are going to continue to build on the founder Ray Kroc legacy ensuring the Golden Arches will shine for years to come. If we count the number of McDonald’s in the world their total would be 32,000 restaurants.

That is a huge number of establishments. So that is why I say McDonald’s is ranked number one in fast food because of their famous fries, and having served billions of customers for over 50 years and counting. The whole experience of buying fast food has become a routine and social custom to Americans all around the world. Millions of people buy fast food each day without giving it any thought. Some people would be surprised to know that my first job was a McDonald’s Restaurant down in New Orleans. It is a great place to work for teenagers. Both restaurants have something positive that they believe in, and that says so much about both of them. Speaking from my opinion is that both companies will continue to strive to be the best.

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