Corey the Camel Essay

Corey the camel has 3,000 bananas. He has to deliver the bananas 1,000 miles to the market. For every mile Corey travels, he eats one banana. Corey can only carry 1,000 bananas at one time. For this problem I have to find out how many bananas Corey delivers to the market. Process For my process I used the maximum number of bananas Corey could carry per trip, which were 1,000 bananas in three trips. The first Trip I stopped at 250 miles and stashed 500 bananas. Corey ate 500 bananas on that trip because he walked to 250 miles and back to zero which means Corey ate 500 bananas, leaving him at zero bananas when he reached start.

In the second trip Corey traveled with 1,000 bananas. He stopped at 250 miles, and picked up 250 bananas, which leaves him at 1,000. He continued to travel 250 more miles making him reach 500 miles; at 500 miles Corey stashed 250 bananas. On this trip Corey lost 750 bananas leaving him at 250. On trip three, Corey picked up 250 bananas at 250 miles, leaving him at 1,000 bananas because the banana he ate per mile was regained when Corey picked up the 250 bananas.

Corey continued to 500 miles where he picked up 250 bananas, 250 is the number of miles that Corey traveled, leaving him at 1,000 bananas.

Corey had to travel 500 miles to reach the market. When he traveled 500 miles he lost 500 bananas leaving Corey with 500 bananas when he reached the market. Solution My solution is Corey arrived with 500 bananas to the market. I believe my solution is correct because I split my points into factors of 1,000 which is the destination of the market. Extension If Corey the Camel had 4,000 bananas and had to deliver it to a market 2,000 miles away, and ate a banana per mile and could only carry 1,000 bananas at a time, how many bananas would Corey the Camel deliver?

Evaluation I found this problem too difficult. This POW made me think a lot about how I was going to get 3,000 bananas to 1,000 miles by only carrying 1,000 bananas at a time and eating a banana per mile. I thought the answer was zero but that was surely wrong. I did not enjoy working on POW 13 because I had trouble managing the time, and the process took a lot of time and work. I was very frustrated trying to do the find the solution because I was confused on which points I should stop at and stash bananas at.

I chose the four points 250, 500, 750 and 1,000 because I split the goal 1,000 into four equal parts. This I thought was a turning point in my process because I felt that I was getting somewhere. What really helped me throughout my process was subtracting the amount of bananas that Corey ate per mile and subtracting it to what I had. Something else that helped that I think I can use in real life situations is writing down my steps. What I would do to make the problem better is I would not subtract the number of bananas Corey eats per mile.

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