Essential of Systems Analysis and Design Essay

1.If someone at a party asked you what a systems analyst was and why anyone would want to be one, what would you say? Support your answer with evidence from this chapter. It is a method used by companies ranging between the different companies to create and maintain information systems that perform basic business functions such as keeping track of customer names and addresses, processing orders, and paying employees. The main goal of systems analysis is to improve organizational systems, typically through applying software that can help employees accomplish key business tasks more easily and efficiently.

As a systems analyst, you will be at the center of developing this software. The analysis and design of information systems are based on the organization’s objectives, structure, and processes. If you get everything that you can under your control, you absolutely are core in you company, maybe you are the core one of information group or operation group to expand you future. Throughout this book, they use the SDLC form to organize our discussion of the systems development process.

2.Explain how a computer-based information system designed to process payroll is a specific example of a system. Be sure to account for all nine components of any system in your explanation. The system of payroll is just keep track of check, just like inventory system keeps track of supplier. Both of systems are separated. You can see that a sys- tem exists within a larger world, an environment. A boundary separates the system from its environment. The system takes input from outside, processes it, and sends the resulting output back to its environment. Interaction between the system and the world outside of it. Then constrains to select some accept application information to provide the system, then the system check and track its purpose with the enter information from the supplier, if both of these information are get to the same purpose, the system will accept them and then run them, or the system will be rejected and stop them run.

3.How does the Internet, and more specifically the World Wide Web, fit into the picture of systems analysis and systems development drawn in this chapter? This is depend on systems development life cycle( SDLC ). First of all, the system should select the data, which from that what the system need, and fit. When it collect all of the information, then the system are planning to analysis all of the information which from the system select. During systems design, analysts convert the description of the recommended alternative solution into logical and then physical system specifications. You must design all aspects of the system from input and output screens to reports, databases, and computer processes. In physical design, you turn the logical design into physical, or technical, specifications.

You must convert diagrams that map the origin, flow, and processing of data in a system into a structured systems design that can then be broken down into smaller and smaller units for conversion to instructions written in a programming language. So when you design the various parts of the system to perform the physical operations necessary to facilitate data capture, processing, and information output. During physical design, the analyst team decides which programming languages the computer instructions will be written in, which database systems and file structures will be used for the data, and which hardware platform, operating system, and network environment the system will run under.

4.What do you think systems analysis and design will look like in the next decade? As you saw earlier in the chapter, changes in systems development have been pretty dramatic in the past. A computer programmer suddenly transported from the 1950s to the 2000s would have trouble recognizing the computing environment that had evolved just fifty years later. What dramatic changes might occur in the next ten years? In my opinion, the system analysis and design in the next decade will be totally open which is like Google platform.

Because the current situation is technical people often jump to another company because they have the most advantage technology in their hand to help the company upgrade their system. But the technology is changing and changing, no one can totally own them in their hand. They just learn them by the data program or computer language to improve themselves. At the end they should share all of their own at the open platform to improve all of technical people. I think they will create unbelievable data program and computer language, then the more and more unbelievable top technical product will consists of every corner.

Case Problem: Natural Best Health Food Stores

a.Identify the different types of information systems used at Natural Best Health Food Stores. Provide an example of each. Is an expert system currently used? If not, how could Natural Best benefit from the use of such a system? Based on the Nature Best Health Food Stores operation, service and management, I identify two types of information system at Nature Best Health Food Stores. There are some reasons to provide each. First of all, With the current system, a customer can sub- scribe to the Natural Best Delivery Service (NBDS) and have personal care, pet care, gourmet prod- ucts, and grocery items delivered on a weekly, bi- weekly, or monthly basis.

The entire subscription process takes approximately five minutes. The salesclerk obtains the customer’s name, mailing address, credit card number, desired delivery items and quantity, delivery frequency, and phone number. Based on previous fact situation, I identify management information system for them. Secondly, since Nature Best Health Food Stores provide delivery service and subscribe their order and service on the website, the server tracks inventory, customer activity, delivery schedules, and individual store sales. Each week the NBDS generates sales summary reports, low-in-stock reports, and delivery schedule reports for each store. This face explain it has transaction information system in Nature Best Health Food Stores.

b.Figure 1-4 identifies seven characteristics of a system. Using the Natural Best Health Food Stores scenario, provide an example of each system characteristic. There are seven characteristics of a system. The components are NBHFS and their customers. Boundary, which means the business between the customers and store. Environment, which means the business environment around customers and store based on the customers demand. Interfaces, which connect both of them with customers demand and store supply. Constraints that just supply the product and service to the target customers, if some demands are out of this limit, it will be rejected by the system. Input that customers demand and requests are collected by store computer system. Output that the computer system analysis and operate data which come from customers, then design and make the final product and service to their target customers.

c.What type of computing environment does Natural Best Health Food Stores have? There are six types of computing environment at Natural Best Health Food stores. They are software, hardware, customer, database, single computer system and several network connection.

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