Experiment in Proxemics Essay

Proxemics as a terminology is a form of non-verbal communication. It deals with the structuring of the distance/space that exists between individuals while communicating with each other. Edward hall argued that the distance between people while communicating goes a long way to determine interpretation of messages and the meaning of messages being sent. On the other hand, kinesics is a concept under proxemics that deals with the use of body movements and gestures in non-verbal communication.

In this experiment, I made a study of the difference between the use of kinesics and proxemics among different genders.

In my first research, i choose a nearby basket ball court as a specimen. The group comprises of fifteen males. I noticed that in this group, kinesics was typified. The players communicated more through body movements and although there were occasional physical contacts most of the communication was via gestures. In addition to this, i choose the cheerleading group as a specimen of study representing the female group.

Unlike what i noticed at the basketball court, there was more physical contact and more body movements. The use of space here was minimal as compared to what i noticed of the group that was predominantly male. Finally, i chose the choir in my church as my object of study because both genders are fully represented. Here, i noticed that there was more space and less use of body movements. Apart from this, there were fewer physical contacts.

From the result of my study, i conclude that there are gender differences in proxemics. This might be due to the physiological makeup of both genders. Apart from this, i believe there could be an explanation from the cultural perspective, in that the male specie is often seen as the reserved and tougher specie while the feminine specie is seen as more flexible and accommodating. Reference: Mulvaney, B. (1994) Gender Differences in Communication: An Intercultural Experience http://www. cpsr. org/cpsr/gender/mulvaney. txt

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