Exploration Proposal Essay

Exploration Proposal Essay.

Nature is a huge part of our lives. While we appreciate the blessings she imparts on us, we often forget that we are robbing her treasures and thus disclaiming our generation the pleasures of enjoying nature in all her abundance. Conceptually there are a variety of ideas I would like to explore in relation to sea animals in order to express the beauty beneath nature. When I encounter the natural environment I aim to glance past the negativity such as pollution, poverty, over population and natural disasters but focus on the hidden beauties of our planet which are usually forgotten yet destroyed.

The society we live in is fixated on artificial things, everywhere we look, we see man made machines and gadgets. In a world that has been consumed by electronics and artificial things we can often forget to take the time to appreciate the natural environment which surrounds us.

As a society we depend on our eyes, we don’t use our mind’s eye to view things.

In reality we are limited to what we can see and what is displayed in the media. Why live in this world where we are limited, when we can create our own world full of possibilities. Every time an oil spill into the ocean, every time we cut down trees, let us not forget we are destroying the most cherished inheritance we can leave behind for our future generation. In creating my artwork I hope to uncover the beauties of nature from a different perspective in order to send out awareness to save the marine life animals.

My main focus throughout the year will be based on the immediate environment and surroundings I live in. I plot to visit The Melbourne Aquarium to increase my knowledge concerning the sea life in hopes to detect great inspirations for my resolved artworks. I scheme to use images such as…

I anguish to look further into ceramics; I plan on hand making my tiles to create my resolved artwork. I believe that my use of tiles will depict richness in colour …

Exploration Proposal Essay

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