Fox News VS CNN Essay

When it comes to specific channels and their ratings over the years, we will compare Fox News and CNN to serve the purpose of this report. In order to do so we will have a brief glance over the viewership of both channels in US and their growth over the years. Fox entered the news industry way after CNN which has been there since 1980s. CNN captured a lot of viewership market from its British competitor CNN and grew rapidly.

It also launched its online news reporting service in 1996 when no one else in the television industry had taken such a step.

But, since Fox has entered the industry, it has been growing more rapidly than CNN. A totally American centered channel, Fox majorly focuses on America more then it covers the real news. It only shows the American perspective and that is one of the reasons that it caters to only the American viewership more then it attracts the viewers from all over the world.

Only those who want to look at the American perspective and what the government of America has to say on a particular issue refer to Fox News. However, regardless of this bias to the American stance, the way Fox news projects and broadcasts its news is remarkable as well . The informal style of reporting with a lot of graphics and attractive entertaining segments between the never ending discussions of war on terror makes it a little more watchable then other news channels which are monotonous in their tone and representing.

However, as discussed above, when we look at the stay of a viewer on a particular channel in both electronic and online media, we see that CNN takes an edge over Fox news in this respect as more people spend time listening to news at CNN because of the fact that they believe CNN gives the entire picture in its original sense without any biases and inclination to any particular group. Surveys show that for long term advertisements, advertisers and marketers also prefer CNN over Fox because of the fact that the probability of hooking a customer over CNN is more than Fox due to their longer stay at CNN.

Moreover, when we look at the TV shows on different channels, we see that every channel has its own brand anchor which it markets to cater to different market segments around the world. They give a set pattern of information and discuss specific issues in the same manner. Hard talk shows are one of the examples that the news channels use in order to attract by telling them that the news channels airs all that information that the viewers ‘actually’ want to see.

These hosts and anchors act like their brand personalities and many viewers tend to rate channels basing their evaluation on these brand personalities, their style, their perspective and the practicality of their discussion with respect to the current scenario.

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