Freak Dancing Essay

Freak Dancing Essay.

Freak dancing, the newest dance craze, is now posing problems around schools all around the nation. This sexually stimulating dance is definitely sending a negative message to both children and parents. Freak dancing is completely appalling and must be banned from all school-related activities immediately. Freak dancing, also called grinding, is getting out of hand. The sexual movements and body contact in the dance is promoting inappropriate behavior.

This type of dancing is occurring in schools everywhere. Freak dancing has even spread to middle schools now.

That is too young of and age to be dancing in such a sexual way. School is supposed to be a safe, nurturing environment that teaches kids to be respectful of each other. How in the world is freak dancing respectful when there are boys and girls are rubbing against each other? There are even girls who go around and freak dance with multiple boys. It doesn’t only promote sex, but prostitution too.

This day and age in our society is when sex is the most prevalent, even more than the time of the Baby Boomers and freak dancing isn’t helping to reduce it.

Freak dancing is the most suggestive type of dancing there is and it isn’t like only Lady Gaga does it. This suggestive dancing clearly has an impact on kids’ lives. If a kid sees many people freak dancing at a school dance then they will be tempted to do it just to fit in. As more and more kids dance this way it could eventually get worse and worse.

Freak dancing is almost like sex, but with clothes on. Sex is already a problem in society today. As the generations have gone by, there has been more sex in a generation than the one before it. It’s a problem because it causes desire and lust which ultimately lead to rape, sexual abuse, and abortion. Freak dancing is a prevalent problem in society today and it is a must to eliminate it from schools to reduce influence of sexual behavior in a learning environment. The less Freak dancing there is, the less of a chance kids will be tempted to behave sexually.

Freak Dancing Essay