Fun Fair in Sat Hill Park Essay

It all started out unexpectedly. The storm began to get worse, sounds of the storm roared the atmosphere, with rage. Everything felt like a blur. Fog spurred over the plains of the path, it was as if the path was abandoned, because of silence that brought cries to each to each soul. I could see the people getting ready, taking their places in line. Time was running, fast as an earthquake destroys land within seconds. It was coming to dawn, not waiting for a hold.

It was as only one person was allowed to move and goes on hold as a mobile phone.

Less than a second ,the storm stopped, happier faces came and they started to run as fast as a bull, hunting its prey. For a while, everyone was in a mind of their own , having fun; and much more. But not for long.Out of no where came 3 men dressed in black with faces hidden and bodies covered with leather jacket and jeans with trainers.

They had the same clothes, it was like a uniform.

Then ,one man aimed the gun up high;asking for attention but before we knew it ; it was aimed at the nearest person near him..The ground was scattered with body parts detached from the dead body: hands, arms, feet’s and heads. Many started screaming; many cried. But most of all who’s in pain was the mother.She lost her son.

All of a sudden, I had an urge of walking across the battlefield, screaming to us to be quiet or we’re dead .It was an awakening response, my heart was racing fast, as I slowly walked through the jaws of death. As I was walking I stopped, it got to a point where I could’t talk no more. I stood still and froze in isolation and a thought, cropped up in my mind, though, I don’t want to die and i don’t want anymore to die. This thought was eating me inside, the sense of reality had been established, I knew this wasn’t a dream. I didn’t know what to do. I don’t mind looking at dead flesh but i don’t want to make life hard for my parents. I knew without me, they are nothing.

All I felt was loneliness and pain, as one day every living soul will bear such a punishment.Another one of them wanted to grab our attention again as everyone’s lost in their world.The young fellow aimed a bullet at dog. We could see it’s puppy dog eyes fainting in fear. Suddenly, someone else came and saved the day. The man who was ready to risk his life for all of us spoke for humanity. Asking them for what they want.The answer was nothing. They ran away as soon as a police car came pass.

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