Good and Bad Teachers Essay

I would like to say that I did have some bad teachers and some good ones. I would like to start with the good teachers I had in the past and the ones I have now. I had about 5 good teachers in the past that were very good to me and my class. Those teachers were good because they would give us parties every time the whole class gets an A. They would give us free time when we needed it, they would let us play bingo beside on the lesson we were having).

I gave about 6 good teachers this year, well so far they are good to me and the class. Of course you are one of them although I only get to talk to you on Thursdays and Mondays, but because you let me do something’s over I would say that you are a good teacher, well online teacher, but let’s get back to school teachers the other 5 are good because they know when to give us tests and quizzes, but there is one in particular that is already planning a part for when we finish the part of a book were taking.

The others are also good because the give us what we need and want. Now I will talk about the bad teachers. In the past I had 4 bad teachers, I am not that type of person that likes to point figures but here it goes, I think that they are bad because they give us too much work for our little hands to take care of and all day is work and work. They did not like it when we said something wrong they would put us outside of the class and if that did not work then they would literally tape on our mouth, but lucky me I never talked during that teacher’s period so that never happened put to me.

This year I have 3 bad teachers, I think that they are bad because every time the WHOLE class fails that teacher blames it on the students and some of us tell that teacher that it is not our fault, if the whole class failed that means that, that teacher did not teach us very good or the test was not based on what teacher had thought us. I know that is not a nice thing to do to us as students. The other teachers they either just over do it with classwork and homework. I know what you are thing Ms. Harvard we need that work, and I could not agree more with you but these teachers just give us the unneeded things.

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