History of Badminton Essay

History of Badminton Essay.

Badminton is one of the most enjoyable racket games that can be played by males and females or any age or skill level. The games can be played by single or doubles. Badminton is played over the net using a shuttlecock and a racket. The shuttlecock is being struck before it lands on your court, back to the opponent’s court. You need quick reflex and a physically fit body in order to cope with the game.


Badminton first originated in India centuries ago where it was known as Poona.

The British army officers were very much fascinated by the game, and so they introduced in England sometime between 1870 and 1880. Badminton was invented in the 1860s by the daughters of the Duke of Beaufort, who entertained themselves with a version of the children’s game known as battledore and shuttlecock. The game they derived for themselves soon became for the house in the which they played it, the duke’s Badminton House in Gloustershire, England.

Before long, badminton societies and clubs were sprouting throughout England. In 1893, the first Badminton Association was formed. Six years later, the All-England Badminton Championship was played. Eventually, the sport igrated to continental Europe.

From there it reached India via British military officers and Indonesia by way of Dutch colonists. The far-flung expansion necessitated the formation of the International Badminton Federation (IBF) in 1934. The International Badminton Federation (IBF) is the governing body for international events. In the Philippines, the Badminton Association of the Philippines (BAP) governs the game. It is responsible for the promotion and he development of the game in the country. The BAP is also te body that provides Filipino players competing in international competitions representing the country. The Association is also conducting or sponsoring seminars and clinic to those who are aspiring to become players, coaches, referees and umpires. In playing badminton, it is very necessary to learn the different terms used in order to understand the game.


Player- any person playing badminton

Match- the game proper between two opposing sides on a 2 out of 3 games or 3 out of 5 games. Singles- a match where there is only one player on each of the opposing sides. Doubles- a match where there is only one player on each of the opposing sides. Serving side- the side having the right to serve

Receiving side- the side opposite the serving side

Rally- a sequence of one or more strokes starting with the service, until the shuttle ceases to be in play.

History of Badminton Essay

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