How to Study Effectively Essay

How to Study Effectively Essay.

lace where you can work regularly. This place should be dedicated to study, free of potential distractions from friends or family — yes folks, even your cat. Regular work in such an environment helps form good, effective study habits, and improves concentration and focus. Distractions waste precious time and cause tension.

Get rid of clutter. Keep things simple — keep things tidy.

Get a study timetable organized and prioritize. Prepare a list or timetable for tasks for that day, and for the week and number them according to which ones need to be done first.

These get the priority and will not necessarily be the easiest.

Mark and label all your work folders and content and place them in separate piles so that you can clearly see how much work you need to do and what has already been revised. Tick off the tasks as they are completed.

Make sure that the area for your study is well lit and has an ambient temperature where you can focus.

The quality of focus determines the quality of understanding. You cannot apply what you learn without understanding and exams test your ability to apply what you have learnt.

The Motivation for Learning should be clear — top grades will mean higher earnings and a better quality life. Learn to work for them…

Food: What you eat affects your thinking. The Rule is Eat Little — but often. Eat healthy meals such as fish, fruits, and sandwiches that provide the vitamins and minerals that you need and do not make heavy demands on your digestive system.

Know when You are ‘Switched On’. Try to be aware of your bio clock and what time of the day you work best. Optimise by revising when you work best but keep an eye on the exam date and time. You will need to get used to working at that hour.

Do The Challenging Revision First — when you are fresh. Trying to focus on difficult problems when you are tired can be difficult.

Look after your physical health. Take regular breaks, get plenty of fresh air and do some walking or stretching.

Study in small chunks lasting 25 to 35 minutes. Your memory and concentration will work better if you study in short bursts but often…

How to Study Effectively Essay

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