Imogene King Essay

Imogene King was born on January 30th, 1923 in West Point, Iowa. By 1948 she had earned her bachelor of science in nursing from St. Louis University and continued on to gain her masters. King was a theorist that had many ideas on how nursing should be. She also wrote Theory of Goal Attainment. The basic concept of the theory is that the nurse and patient communicate information, set goals together, and then take actions to achieve those goals. This described an interpersonal relationship that allows a person to grow and develop in order to attain certain life goals.

The factors affecting the attainment of the goals are roles, stress, space, and time.

King believed that the patient had three basic needs: The need for health information, the need for care that seeks to prevent illness, and the need for care when the patient is unable to help him or herself. King defines nursing as, “ process of action, reaction and interaction by which nurse and patient share information about their perception in nursing situation.

” She believed that the focus is on the care of the patient. The nurses function is to interpret information in the nursing process, to plan, implement, and evaluate nursing care.

In the nurse-patient relationship, the nurse first uses his or her knowledge base to assess the patient and make a diagnosis. After the diagnosis, the nurse creates a plan for interventions to solve problems that were identified in the assessment and diagnosis. Once a care plan is created, actions are implemented to achieve the patient’s health goals. Finally the nurse evaluates the patient to determine whether or not the goals were achieved.

These ideas that she created were the base of what nurses go off of today. By using this nursing process described by Imogene King, a nurse can be more effective in working with a patient to achieve those goals, and can truly help patients.

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