Journey to the Center of the Earth Essay

Based on one graphic novel, write about an important lesson that you have learnt. An important lesson that I learnt from the graphic novel, Journey to the centre of the Earth is that we should never give up and have confidence in ourselves. Professor Lidenbrock felt very excited when he found the document about how to get to the centre of the earth. He wanted to learn about what lies beneath our feet. although getting to the centre of the earth was not going to be easy, he still went because he was a determined man.

Although the journey was fraught with difficulties he never gave up because he had confidence in himself. In the end the journey was a success.

Based on one graphic novel, write about a happy event. A happy event in the graphic novel of A Journey to the centre of the Earth is when the Professor, Axel and Hans managed to come out of the earth uninjured and alive.

They could have easily when been hurt or died as they were only on a raft and were thrown out of an erupting volcano. They landed uninjured in Sicily which is 3,000 miles away from Iceland where they started their journey. It is a happy event as they had successfully journeyed to the centre to the earth and lived to tell the tale of their adventure.

Based on one graphic novel, write about an event that you cannot forget in the novel. An event that I cannot forget is when Axel passed out because they had run out of water. Hans, their guide then left Axel and the Professor. When Axel woke up he looked for Hans. When he could not find Hans he thought that Hans had deserted them,. However an hour later Hans returned. He then told them that he found water. Axel was very grateful to him. This is an unforgettable incident because although Hans could have easily left them he did not. He was a good and responsible guide.

Based on one graphic novel, write about a character you sympathise. The character that I sympathise is Axel Lidenbrock. He is Professor Otto Lidenbrock’s nephew. When the professor wanted to figure out what the runic symbol in the document by the famous explorer, Arne Saknussem meant he forced Axel to help him. He said both he and Axel will not eat or sleep until they find the meaning. Later when they find out that the document shows how to get to the centre of the earth the professor forces Axel to go with him. I think as an uncle, the professor is a bully and I sympathise with Axel because he is not given a choice by his uncle.

Based on one graphic novel above, write weather you like or do not like the ending of the story. I did not like the ending because I think it is a bit ridicuious. The explorers think they are going to die because they are on a raft in a volcano and the temperature is steadily increasing. The water begins to boil and their raft rises and finally when the volcano erupts the explorers are thrown out of the volcano. They land in Sicily, a country 3,000 miles away from Iceland. I think if they were in a volcano that was going to erupt they would have died. Therefore I feel the ending is illogical and I did not like it.

Based on one graphic novel above, write an interesting event. An interesting event in the graphic novel, Journey to the centre of the Earth is when the explorers are caught in an electrical storm. They were travelling in an underground sea on a raft made by Hans. Suddenly the raft was hit by an electrical storm. Axel nearly died but luckily he survived. The explorers landed on a beach. The compass showed that they were back where they started. However the professor did not give up and said it was time to travel across the dangerous sea again. I found the event interesting as it showed that the professor does not give up easily.

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