Lady Macbeth Letter Essay

Lady Macbeth Letter Essay.

I have just finished reading a letter hand written from my husband Macbeth. He has informed me about a mysterious prediction that was made to him by three not mortal beings. The letter tells of how his prediction says he would be King of Scotland, and before this Thane of Cawdor. The foresight that he would be Cawdor was not incorrect – so why not to be king? My wonderful husband could become king and I, Queen of Scotland. Macbeth would be a noble king, far more worthy than Duncan.

King Duncan is not fit to be called a man let alone king of a country grand as Scotland. My courageous Macbeth was the reason the war against the barbaric Norwegians was won, not Duncan.

The only problem is by the time Duncan’s reign on the throne has ended, when the wretch is dead and buried, I too and Macbeth shall most likely be old and feeble – if not dead ourselves.

I must find a way to put an end to Duncan, I cannot risk losing an opportunity as grand as this for Macbeth and myself. Perhaps murder is the only options, I could not commit such a thing myself, I have not the strength nor the willpower but Macbeth? The trouble would be convincing him, Duncan has such high opinions of my love and Macbeth returns the favour equally as well; but he loves me and I am sure I can convince him.

Maybe when I show him what this could mean for us and use my feminine charm on him he’ll be convinced. I am not deceiving him, the eventual result is for his benefit, how I miss him so much already, he’s such a wonderful man and would make such a worthy king. I can hardly wait for him to return, it’ll be so wonderful. He was a born ruler, my true love; we shall be King and Queen Macbeth of Scotland. I do not care that ‘God’ chose King Duncan – I will give my husband his crown and we shall rule. Even if I have to call down the evil spirits and take my emotions away, I want to feel like a man and kill him without remorse. I must go now and decide how he shall die, farewell.

Lady Macbeth Letter Essay