Love Conquers All Essay

I believe that a relationship is more than just love, it’s a balance of communication, love, and trust. The day I fell in love was a defining moment in my life. I now had a partner and a life long friend . My husband and I spent the first part of our marriage struggling over money issues. There was never enough money to take care of all the bills and the kids, as well as our moments. Still through all the rough hills we climbed, nothing ever broke our bond to each other.

My husband tried repeatedly to find work so that he could support his family; he was so determined. At last an opportunity to build bridges emerged and he went for it. Grateful we were going to be financially secure, we now have three times the income he was making. Everything was looking up! We would not have to scrape by anymore. With the new career also came new challenges, my husband would be out of town five days a week.

We have never even been apart! How was this going to work? I was a little scared to be alone, so we sat down and discussed the challenges together. I learned that he was nervous too. He was going to be so far away and could not protect his family. We just bonded together, it was emotional. We knew it was going to be a great opportunity for our family. “I am going to miss you so much, this is going to be tough”, I said while standing by his packed car. He pulled me in and held me tightly in his arms, kissing my forehead ever so gently and whispered,”I love you so much and this will only make us stronger.”

We kissed each other good bye and away he drove. Then I cried! Week after week it became easier to say bye, but the tears always filled my eyes when I watched him drive away. This was the hardest thing we ever went through. During the time he worked out of town I became a stronger woman and mother. I learned that love can conquer all. We worked together more than ever before and we grew to understand just how much our family…

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