My Voice Matters Essay

There’s something marvelous about spoken words that differs from a written speech. Our emphasis, our expressions, every time we express some sort of sound from our thoughts, excreting noise from the depths of our being, that’s our true signature. Since I have such a powerful tool available to myself, I don’t understand why I never fully use it to the advantage. I believe, that since my voices matter, I should make more of an effort to talk to my peers face to face.

In my day and age, my generation is known for its dependence to our distraction. I seem to have lost the ability to talk to my peers. Everybody is more confident over barriers, where it is not required to actually reveal one’s face. I yearn to be more interactive and communicative with my peers, but what is it that holds me back?

I have all I need in front of me, but my youth is lost in the consolidation of corruption, and the decision is up to me to make the right choice either take the narrow path which leads to accomplishment or the broad path which leads to destruction.

Friendship is a prime example of a troubling decision. Having a quantity of friends always bothers me, but finding the quality in people is harder to find. At time it feels as if I’m drowning in a sea of children, each step as I roam as a gadabout to find intimate relationship, but time seems to go and pass through my hand. Experiencing change is adequate to learning a second language or similar to expressive aphasia.

Knowing what you want; however, you don’t know how to explain such a thing. I am missing out on the teenage experience of trial and error by taking life on precaution rather than taking risks. Furthermore, it’s not just me wasting my time on desires. I spend so much time on thoughts than pursuing my goals. Everybody is out there with set goals, accomplishing them, everywhere. Why has my voices lost importance? To add on, when I’m simply writing down words out to print, it is impossible to fully express myself. Parts of the words are lost, because one just can’t thoroughly share their emotion through written words. I need to talk to others, face to face.

Humans instinctively and subconsciously judge. After I saw my realization I knew in fact I must surmount my barrier on my muteness, casting the burden by the interaction of all that shackles me down from my achievements. I have found my character of a man of compassion, integrity and hope for a brighter future in the world to guide meaning people who has gone through the similar pariah-ism of self-confidence. I was meant for more than that. My voice is important! I’m meant to speak with others, creating a fellowship, a community, with the power of our voice. My voice matters.

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