Night by Elie Weisel Essay

Night by Elie Weisel Essay.

Night is the narration of an experience filled with darkness, sadness, silence and at times also death. on the second section of this novel (page 21-24), a dark and angry pictures of human nature emerged . The Jews was deported to the concentration camps riding in a cattle wagon, treated like caged animals. They are tormented by nearly unbearable conditions. There is almost no food to it, no air to breathe, the heat is intense, there is no room to sit and everybody is hungry and thirsty.

During the journey, Madame Schachter, a woman of about fifty, had gone out of her mind. The separation and the oppressive treatment had completely broken the third night of their trip, while everyone is asleep, she cried, “Fire! I can see a fire! I can see a fire!” Her screams became sickening in the ears of the other deportees and made them fear of the worst. Some tried to calm Madame Schachter and the others tied her up, gagged her and beat her into silence.

This novel demonstrates that cruelty breeds cruelty. Instead of comforting each other in times of difficulty, the Jews respond to their circumstances by turning against one another. Madame Schechter’s fellow Jews lose all their good morals and social affection. Instead of stopping those who are doing the beating to the poor woman, they vocally support them.” Make her be quiet! She’s mad! Shut her up! She’s not the only one. She can keep her mouth shut … “. Even the mothers like Madame Schachter cooperated and encouraged others in torturing her in front of her ten year old son. One of the circumstances that allow for this darker side of human nature to emerge is because of the oppressive treatment by the German officers and the Hungarian police. The Jews were threatened by the words of the German officer, “If anyone is missing, you’ll all be shot, like dogs …”.

The Jews have been influenced by their oppressors and so they tried to be eminent among others including Madame Schachter. By treating the Jews less than human they started to act like animals and wild creatures. The fight for their own survival also allows this darker side to emerge. The heat, the thirst, the suffocating lack of air drives the Jews to hurt their fellows. They all lose their valuable possessions, and now they are being selfish with each other. They are also avoiding to gone out of their mind like Madame Schachter. According to them Madame Schachter is not the only one suffering; therefore she should control her actions and stop humiliating others.

Madame Schechter’s vision of the fire is a foreshadowing of the burning bodies in the crematories. Lastly, their continual denial of their fear that something worst might happen allows the evilness to emerge. Madame Schachter’s screams was coming out of their nerves. It was as though madness were taking possession in all of them. The Jews are trying to cover up their fears by hitting Madame Schachter. In this novel, darkness of horrific evil and brutality caused the Jewish people to paint out a dark and angry picture of human nature.

Night by Elie Weisel Essay