Profile of a News Anchor Essay

“The one function that TV news performs very well is that when there is no news we give it to you with the same emphasis as if there were. ” News anchors collect information, formulate stories, and make broadcasts that inform the public about local, State, national, and international events. They present points of view on current issues; and report on the actions of corporate executives, interest groups, public officials, and others who exercise power. Newscaster’s at large networks usually specialize in a particular type of news.

News anchors are under an enormous amount of pressure and live very hectic lives. Work hours very and broadcasts are sometimes aired with little or no time for preparation. Successful candidates for news anchor jobs have experience working on their school newspapers or broadcast stations and have done internships with news organizations. Most anchors start out as reporters at small stations and with experience they move on to bigger stations or television networks and become anchors.

Unfortunately the employment rate for newscasters is expected to decline through 2018.

Competition will remain intense in large metropolitan networks, news stations, magazines and newspapers. Broadcasting companies look for applicants with a bachelor’s degree in journalism or mass communications, but those with other majors may also be considered. Potential earnings for this job vary with location and exact industry. The annual mean wage for radio and television broadcasting is 75,720 dollars. The highest employment level is in California with an annual mean wage of 72,960 dollars. The top paying state for this occupation is Florida paying an annual mean wage of 119,680 dollars.

Appearance is a very important part of being a news anchor. The public expects a credible source to be presenting the news to them if the anchor’s appearance and demeanor do not meet viewers’ expectations, the station’s local news programs may lose their appeal, causing advertising revenue to decline. Not only must the public approve of the look but they must represent the stations marketing goals. Character is also a major role in the job of a newscaster. The anchor must build a trust with the audience that they are going to deliver the most recent and accurate news to them in a timely matter.

If the public does not trust the anchor they will not watch the station that they broadcast on and the network will lose money. They must have a perfect rapport with all of their other anchors and the sources of their information. Effectiveness may be the most important part of all. If the anchor does not have the ability to achieve the goal of presenting the news to the public then they are not right for the job. The newscaster must be able to efficiently do their job while being under the pressure of little notice and hectic hours. A proficient news anchor uses Gravitas in their everyday work.

They must have an extremely strong confidence shown through their professionalism. A news anchor could not go in front of the camera unprepared and unconfident with what they are presenting. If you think reading a prompter, looking professional, being on the spot, and having confidence are effortless then you are wrong, but a news anchor uses Sprezzatura to make what is difficult seem unforced. I believe I will use Gravitas when I go into any interview with a station. I will go into the interview in my professional attire with confidence that I am the most qualified and best candidate for the job.

Once I have received the job I will go into work every day prepared to make my job look effortless while I am stressed and under pressure. During this course I have learned so much about myself. With the DiSC I-Sight I learned that am a proud I. I like to work with others rather than work on my own. I definitely enjoy entertaining people which is why I am in entertainment here at Disney World and want to go into News Broadcasting. I get very enthusiastic about things and enjoy telling stories, more great aspects of a newscaster.

From the Career Liftoff Interest Inventory I learned that even though I do not like blood a career in medical sciences would be a great option for me. The result of performing arts was not that surprising to me though because I have always been involved in performing arts and do plan on pursuing careers in it while in school. My third highest was visual arts which have always been a passion of mine just not exactly my strong point. I enjoyed the Pearson Marr Archetype Indicator the most of the three tests. I had the highest score in the jester archetype which means I have the gifts of humor, living life in the moment, and exuberant joy.

The part I never really thought about though was the pitfalls. The pitfalls of a jester are irresponsibility, sloth, cruel jokes and con artistry. I would definitely agree with the sloth pitfall I am one of the laziest people you will meet if I have to be to work at 2:30 pm I will wake up at I 2:00 pm. If I need something that requires me to get up I will gladly ask someone else to get it for me. The cruel jokes pitfall is definitely one I have too. Sometimes I don’t think before I say a joke or don’t realize that someone may not take it the way I mean for it to be taken.

This test helped me realize not only my gifts to be proud of but my pitfalls to work on. As I said before; when I was little I wanted to be a ballerina, but now my dream job is to be a news anchor. The job hours are long and hectic but the reward of getting the news out to the public is worth it to me. I will just have to work even harder and show my Gravitas and Sprezzatura to help me find a job when the market decreases through 2018. I will leave this course knowing so much more about myself that I can use in my everyday life and professional life.

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