The Impact of Facebook Overuse on Teens Essay

The Impact of Facebook Overuse on Teens Essay.

Especially in teenagers, social media overuse is very common. Teen have a huge desire to socialize and communicate by logging in on different social network sites. For them, one of the most popular of such sites is Facebook. Many teens log in to share information about their lives with their friends. However, spending too much time on Facebook can have positive and negative impacts on teenagers. These effects can make teens have lower grades and the lowest rates of reading retention, but also give shy children a way to socialize and allow them to develop their identity.

Nowadays, many teens that spend too much time on Facebook have lower grades and the lowest rates of reading retention. Students’ concentration has lapsed because of the need to check their Facebook page. They feel a need to access their profile while they are studying. Many of them, “study” with their Facebook opened. It’s a way to maintain themselves aware surroundings. This negative cab cause sleeping disorders and depression, which contribute to getting lower marks at school.

However, Facebook also brings out positive effects in teens. One of them is that Facebook gives shy children a way of socializing. Hopefully, this can help on their actual face-to-face interactions. Many have difficulties in expressing themselves among teens of their same age. Socializing on Facebook helps them to get rid of their fear, and it’s easier to be part of the community they lived in. It’s incredible how social media help them to improve their socializing skills.

Another positive effect of Facebook overuse on teens is that it allows them to develop their identity. Choosing a profile picture, listing likes and dislikes, favorites of this-and-that, and quotations “force” the child to be self-aware. Teens are able to share thought and be accepted in society for their beliefs. It’s a way to find interests in common with others, and give them confidence. Others use it as a diary, post notes, write poems, and experiences. For teens, it’s a way to express their feelings with no prejudgments.

In conclusion, many kids do not manage social media fine and suffer the negative effects of Facebook if they overuse it. Really excess of anything has negative effects if you think about it. Parents should help their teens to manage their time and set time limits. “Everything in moderation” is a good way of living.

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The Impact of Facebook Overuse on Teens Essay