The Kite Runner Essay Essay

The Kite Runner Essay Essay.

In dealing with strategic planning, I think that this would deal with the way an organization try’s to incorporate strategy in their decision making process. The correct strategy will allow the organization to plan a set of goals and also be able to achieve these goals. Strategic planning is how the organization tries to evolve their current status into where they feel they should be in the future. In routine planning this is the type of planning that is by the book.

Routine meaning by the book and following all the procedures with no actual goals and no mention of the future. The differences between the two planning systems is that one only follows the rules and the other thinks outside the box by thinking about the future of the organization. An example of strategic planning, is when an organization starts with having a mission by coming up with the organizations strengths and weaknesses.

The plan has to have an outcome that leads the organization into the future (my strategic plan.

com). An example of a routine plan would be a book list of instructions and it is mapped out and the first thing they will do is try to find certain goals to move the company forward to the next level but is not worried about the future of the organization. When an organization does not use strategic planning than the organization will not be able to control their futures and be stuck following a routine approach.

If an organization does not have a strategic plan they will only be able to address the immediate problems and this is a form of crisis management. When an organization has a strategic plan, the organization becomes more proactive in achieving their goals instead of reactive. When an organization is reactive they are following the set of guidelines of a routine. When an organization has a strategic plan but it is poor it is really like not having one at all.

The organization that has a poor strategic planning system is not on a good track and when the plan was implemented it was done incorrectly. When the people of the organization implemented the plan not everyone bought into this plan this is one of the reasons why it is broken and it is poor. The only way to un-break or fix what is broken is to re-implement the plan to make sure that every person in the organization will buy into for the sake of the organizations future (Iowa State University, 1995-2013).

The organization that does not have a strategic plan will not be able to make a future for their organization. When an organization thinks outside the box they usual are the organization will flourish in the long-run. The only problem with having a failing strategic plan is the fact that it could have been a good plan if all the members of the organization bought into it. Fixing a strategic plan is sometimes more difficult than actually rolling one out to your organization. References My Strategic Plan (2103).

Researched the difference between routine planning and strategic plan. Found an article on what is the difference between a strategic plan and a business plan. Retrieved from website http://mystrategicplan. com/resources/what-is-the-difference-between-a-business-plan-and-a-strategic-plan/ Iowa State University (1995-2013). Researched what happens when an organization has a poor strategic plan. Retrieved from website http://smallbusiness. chron. com/difference-between-strategic-planning-shortterm-operational-planning-24227. html.

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The Kite Runner Essay Essay