The Mistreatment of Indigenous Women in Canada Essay

The Mistreatment of Indigenous Women in Canada Essay.

As Canadians, we proudly wave our multicultural flag and try not act superior towards our American neighbours. Living in such a lush and accepting country, it is hard not to glance upon the maple leaf and feel some sense of nationalistic pride. Canada is generally an inclusive and safe country, however not everyone has the luxury of enjoying this level of comfort. The thought of our country ignoring the cries of violence against Indigenous women and girls, is downright absurd.

The Canadian government has acknowledged the severity of the threats to Indigenous women and girls, but have no current plan in action to help these women.

Indigenous women, especially in a respected country like Canada, have the right to be safe and free from violence. According to an Amnesty International report, “Indigenous women are five to seven times more likely than other women to die as a result of violence.

The Native Women’s Association of Canada has documented more than 580 cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada.

” (No More Stolen Sisters: Justice for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women of Canada. September 29 2013. http://www. amnesty. ca/our-work/issues/indigenous-peoples/no-more-stolen-sisters) When an indigenous woman, let a lone a group of indigenous women, are targeted for racist, misogynistic attacks and are not properly assured protection, a range of their fundamental rights are violated.

As previously mentioned before, Canada’s diversity is celebrated globally, but their lack of action towards Indigenous women is not only shameful but breaches their rights to be protected against torture and ill treatment. As stated on Rabble, many nations including “Cuba, Iran, Belarus and Russia [have criticized] Canada’s human-rights record, as the Canadian envoy rejected calls to develop a comprehensive national review to end violence against aboriginal women.

” (Canada’s Rejection of Inquiry into Violence Against Aboriginal Women is a National Disgrace. September 29 2013. http://rabble. ca/news/2013/09/canadas-rejection-inquiry-violence-against-aboriginal-women-national-disgrace) It is appalling that the likeliness of a woman being attacked is increased if she is of Native American descent, but with decades of government intervention in Indigenous homes, it has left.

The Mistreatment of Indigenous Women in Canada Essay