Youth as a Strength of Nation Essay

Youth as a Strength of Nation Essay.

Youth is that phase of life where dreams are built and a bright future is foreseen. It is the age of discovery and dreams. These are the years to foster moral principles, construct value system and begin an all-new journey on the path of the ‘right’. No, doubt that nation’s strength is in its youth . Development of a strong nation demands on youth’s will power, mighty determination and tremendous grit. The greatest wealth and strength of any nation is its youth.

The future of a nation lies in the hands of its posterity.

The quality of its youth determines the kind of future, the nation will have. Therefore, if we want to ensure a bright future for our country, we first need to strengthen and empower our youth. The youth of any nation and society are its potential energy. They are the powerhouse and storehouse of infinite energy. They are the ones who are the pride of the nation.

Youth make up about 50% of the total population of Pakistan. This 50% constitutes for the country’s future. If we can harness this powerhouse of the nation in the right direction then the country can reach untold heights.

All we need is to empower our youth so that they can make a better tomorrow. The best way to strengthen our youth is to provide them education. Not just any kind of education, but the right kind of education which makes them scientific, logical, open-minded, self respecting, responsible, honest and patriotic. Without these virtues being developed, our youth cannot walk in the desired way. Due to lack of education crime is on high and violence is increasing in today’s time. If we look at the data, we realize that our youth is losing touch with a sense of right and wrong or good and bad.

Naturally, it becomes the most important duty of students to be fully disciplined. They should be disciplined in every thought and action. During the national struggle for freedom, students were asked to take active part in the struggle. They moved out of college and fought for their rights, Youth proved that they are nation’s strength. As a result of their endless struggle Pakistan was achieved. But now, in free Pakistan students must devote all their time to their studies. However, political parties use them to gain their own ends.

In Sindh, in Punjab, in Peshawar, and in other parts of the country, students are being used as tools for getting votes and opposition party fights. Students must safeguard themselves against their involvement in politics. It simply means wastage of time and energy. Only mature minds can be successful in politics. For them no duty is of greater importance than the development of character and studies. Students should participate in the political life of the country, but not at the cost of their studies.

No doubt, the voting age has now been lowered to 18 years, but this does not mean that they should neglect their studies. Seasoned and experienced leaders are there to shape the destiny of the nation. Students will be required to take their place when they retire. They are the future builders of the nation. Their duty in the present is to prepare for the future. They should be well equipped morally, emotionally, mentally and physically. Youth is Nation’s future so they must be trained, disciplined and skilled.

Youth as a Strength of Nation Essay

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