Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cad Essay

* Can be more accurate than hand-drawn designs – it reduces human error. * You can save and edit ideas, which makes it easier and cheaper to modify your design as you go along. * You can modify existing ideas, which saves time.

* The software itself can be expensive so initial costs are high. There are free software packages though. * Staff need to be trained how to use the software, which also adds to costs. * Requires a PC.

A few advantages of 2D CAD:
Reduced design timescales.
Reuse of designs.
Drawing errors can be corrected easily.
Drawings can be sent/received via email in seconds.

Time & cost of implementing the CAD system
Time & cost of training people to use the CAD.
Time & cost of migrating legacy drawings into CAD format

If you compare the use of 3D CAD against drawing borard draughting. the list of disadvantages pretty much stays the same, whilst the list of advantages grows further.

Advantages of 3D CAD:

More stylish /complex products can be designed using 3D surfacing.

Parametric modelling allows many design itterations to be generated & evaluated quickly. Designs can be analysed and optimised virtually using finite element analysis. Clearance/inteference checks can be mase easily

3D CAD data can be imported directly in to CAM software, futher reducing timescales and mistakes from interpretation of 2D drawings.


Software Flexibility

* Using CAD software enables design changes to be made rapidly. Before CAD, a particular design change would have required a draftsperson to completely redraw the design to the new specification. CAD software allows designers to tinker with designs and make small changes on the fly. It can also be used to simulate the behavior of the design in software. For example, CAD software can be used to simulate the airflow around an engine. This allows for greater flexibility in the software design process.

Advantage: Automatic Specification Checking

* Using CAD software enables the designer to automatically check if the design is within specification. CAD software also enables clients to view designs at an earlier stage in the design process than is usually the case. CAM also enables clients to check the progress of functional and semi-functional prototypes at a much earlier stage than is possible in the traditional design process.

Disadvantage: Processing Power Limitations and Cost

* CAD software often consumes large amounts of computer processing power. This requires high-quality computer hardware that can be costly. CAM requires advanced manufacturing devices that are also very expensive. The cost of hardware is a significant disadvantage of CAD.CAM and a major barrier to the wider uptake of CAD.CAM technologies

. Disadvantage: Software Complexity

* As CAD software advances, it becomes more flexible and adaptable. However, this comes at the cost of making the software more complex. This complexity makes it more difficult for first-time users to learn the software. Combined with the cost of training personnel in CAD.CAM technologies, this complexity represents another disadvantage of CAD.CAM.


Many advantages and disadvantages. It takes more time to set up a project, and to set up all the components you want to place in a building. Revit is much better at 3 dimensional modeling. It also does some basic design stuff.

Ms office:

Advantages :

• Widely used, and accepted in business world, so compatibiity

• Supported by major corporation, so little chance of it becoming obsolete

• Wide variety of features, allowing you to do most anything


• Made by Microsoft.

• Too many features, creates an extremely high learning curve

• Very expensive.

The advantages are that you need only enter a formula for the spreadsheet to continually update totals whenever data is entered rather than having to continually re calculate.

The disadvantage, if there is any, is that other than simple calculations you do need a good deal of training to get the best out of it.

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