Black Is Beautiful Essay

Black Is Beautiful Essay.

When you hear the word black what comes to mind? Some individuals think of it as a color. Other may think of it as depressing, dismal, wicked, evil, or just a sign of hatred. My definition is the total opposite. The essence of the word black displays a strong feeling of prosperity, deliverance and all the characteristics of what us; the black people have overcome for many decades. Words can’t even describe how grateful I am to be apart of this dynamic culture.

To me the word black describes a thriving culture of beautiful and unique individuals. Starting with the period of slavery the black race has suffered tremendously from harsh and cruel treatment, but we managed to overcome. The black race is responsible for the wide spread of many sub-cultures to the U. S. and around the world. For instance, in the 1920s blacks were playing jazz music in nights clubs around New Orleans.

This type of music caught the attention of whites and soon spread to big cities like Chicago and New York, were there was frenzy for jazz music.

In this point of time, hip-hop music has touch many people from around the world like: China, India, and even places like Kuwait. The people in these countries don’t only embrace the hip-hop music but they embrace this way of life. They go to extreme lengths; changing the tradition of how they were raised to talk, dress, and act. Pg. 2.

I feel that we the black people are one of a kind in many ways. The black women are some of the most strong-mined women I know. They have this certain mentality about their selves that I just can’t get enough of. From the fullness of their lips to their nice shape hips, I adore the black women in every way. Black men are some the most athletic beings I know. I not saying that we are dominated over all races but, if you look at the NBA, NFL, and other sports like track blacks dominate in skill and numbers.

At times being a man of this skin tone is hard due to stereotypes placed on the black race. We all steal, sell drugs, and kill at will. Despite these stereotypical insights that we receive from others that don’t fell the same about this beautiful race, we keep our heads up and strive for the best. Black is beautiful, no matter what anyone says. God creates all of his children the way he wishes; neither one of us are the same. We all are beautiful people no matter what race. It is just up to you to realize it.

Black Is Beautiful Essay