Bonding over a mascot Essay

Bonding over a mascot Essay.

“Bonding over a mascot” an essay to show the country that an Indian mascot can’t bring a college, a community down, is a great expression by one student to show how ridiculous things are getting in America. The Seminoles are what Florida State is all about, just like the Golden Bears is what California Berkeley is all about. These symbols of pride and school spirit are what most colleges love to represent. In Florida the Seminole is being portrayed as a joke or disgrace in the real Seminoles tribe’s eyes but that is not what these students are trying to do.

In Joe Lapointe’s essay he is showing us how some students love the fact that there mascot is something so historic a tribe of courage and bravery who doesn’t back down to no force, this including the US army, for some students this symbolizes how their sports team will not bow down to any opponent. The older tribe’s people take offense to the way some students act and symbolize the Seminole mascot they call it ridiculous and disrespectful.

But what they don’t understand that the kids are proud of the Seminole mascot they love its show of pride, and power. The N.C.A.A also put a band on any native American mascots in college events, but they too have came to see that this these kids pride and love for their school, some schools out of the 18 have created the bond with the tribes around their school and made it strong, the tribes in return have allowed their name to be used in any event and have allowed the name to be used as an example of school spirit. The arguments in this essay are very strong they all have strong support behind them, thus the one were young Toni Sanchez sees the Seminole and is remained of her ancestry, and the Seminole gives her that love for her school as well. Another argument being the Seminole tribe community seeing the Seminole as mocked which it is not it’s just being used as the symbol of pride and the love for that college.

The essay “Common Themes and Questions about the Use of “Indian” Logos” is a mix of questions regarding the usage of Indian names and mascots in schools. The use of the Indian is said to be disrespectful this argument is not persuasive, this being because the word Indian is said to be racist and derogatory. But the word Indian is advertised by Native Americans such as in, casinos or communities it doesn’t make sense, why would you care if it is being used to represent a schools pride if you use it in gambling, or naming a community. The usage of Native Americans in schools once again a symbolization of the tribes that used to rule that part of the country to show a sign of gratitude, respect, and honor. Some the arguments in this essay counter themselves they answers to the question go against themselves.

The similarities in these essays are the arguments that Native American symbols and warriors are being used in the wrong way they are being racist or disrespectful. The difference in these is that in “Bonding over a Mascot” the Native American tribes are bonding with the schools realizing that the schools are proud of having such great role models or mascots resembling their schools, and in the other essay it’s still a fight and Native Americans see it still as racism and mockery. The Native America warrior in schools is used as pride and symbolization of honor not to symbolize disrespect or racism.

Bonding over a mascot Essay