Complaint Letter Example Essay

Complaint Letter Example Essay.

I bought the new black IPhone five on December 5, 2012 as a Christmas present to my boyfriend. The item number was 556799876. Unfortunately, Christmas morning when we opened gifts we discovered that the center button did not work. We figured without the center button we could at least do a few things with it before we got it fixed. Then we found that when we opened any app the phone would automatically turn itself off and then back on. At this point we were very unhappy.

Since it was such an expensive gift that was all I got him, and it didn’t even work. I also paid the insurance in full when I purchased the phone.

My total for the insurance was two hundred dollars, and my total for the phone was eight hundred dollars. I would have expected after paying one thousand dollars for a phone that it would work perfectly. I spoke with a representative named Jan, and she ensured me that I would be sent a new phone.

When the new phone came in the mail the box said refurbished on it. I was confused, but I figured as long as it worked perfect we would not fuss about it. I opened the box and realized that the phone was white and also had scratches all over the glass on the back. The item number for this phone was 443259086.

I do not want to waste any more time calling representatives and waiting shipping time to receive another low quality phone. To resolve this problem I would like for you to send me a brand new black iPhone five. I am also requesting the insurance cost be refunded. I still want the coverage I was guaranteed, but I do feel at this point that the expense should be taken care of by the company after all that they have put us through.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem. I will wait until February 15, 2013 at five pm before I file a complaint with a consumer protection agency. You may contact me at the above address.

Complaint Letter Example Essay

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