Desert Survival Situation Essay

Desert Survival Situation Essay.

The desert survival scenario taught me how to think rationally and demonstrate effective interpersonal skills. There is a certain time when we need to act as a group to achieve a goal, maybe to survive. The SDI and the desert survival scenario were intertwined especially during discussions. In a group. In SDI, we have four colors red, hub, blue and greed and each represent behaviors. Red characteristic behaviors tend to be competitive, forceful risk taker and self confident, Blues trust, helpful, modest, devoted, caring and supportive.

Green characteristics are cautious, principled, fair and reserved. Hubs posses the three characteristics combined. All these four colors have an overdone side of each. In our discussion during the desert survival, were put in group and each group had members who were in these categories of colors.

Interestingly,some group agreed to rank the items in a different ways, while others were able to almost come up with a list almost the experts rankings, Why?.

Looking at their color characteristics, if a group had only gree, blue and hub, they were most likely to come up with no challenge. On the other hand, if we had all reds in a group there was not going to gain anything because all the will do is everyone compete and try to dominate. If all were green, they were likely to avoid and start talking out of the discussion. The Kilman conflict mode also can be applied in this analyses.For example,if in our discussion ,we had a competing member and all the others are avoiding mode,what will happen?.

The red(competitor) will control all what the others say. No one will object anything and I thing the discussion will yield nothing at the end. If we have majority of accommodating members and avoiders, what will happen?.Everything will be “yes, I will do it” or avoid all. In order for the group to function, we need to have all the above members balanced. In an organization, if the manager is competing and a subordinate staff answerable to the manager is accommodating, that will lead to overworked, overwhelmed and misuse.

In my society, women do not hold powers like men in every aspect of their lives. Although it is now changing the perception has not changed much. They are not entitled to posses or inherit properties. Not like in this country. In our class discussions, the professor does divide students into small groups to discuss the certain topic. I like how small group play because in this class we have members, who are adults and have experiences from their ages. They know how to handle and talk about issues. There personalities and attitudes are positive in how they interact with others. I have not been contributing much to the class and I think that is not being rude but this is something that I have struggle all along in my life.

Desert Survival Situation Essay