Dhirubhai Ambani Essay

Man who knew how to lead in this world by creating our own path towards success. Dhirubhai Ambani was well known for his achievements. His spirit and attitude towards the work made him an extra ordinary gentleman. He was born in the small village in state of Gujarat, India and was a son of a school teacher. Being in the inspirational background, he had learned how to live with hopes and transform them into reality. His confidence helped him accomplishing all his targets in life.

Dhirubhai desired of getting well educated but it turned as a dream and regretted all through his life. Mousumi Kumar. (2012). He believed in following the right path and opportunities will come in the way. With this attitude he built Reliance Industries which was first private sector Company to enter fortunes global 500 companies. In 2002, Reliance Industry contributed 3% in India’s GDP and 5% towards countries export. (The story of Dhirubhai Ambani, 2011.)

His Vision

Dhirubhai Ambani worked in Aden as a petrol pump attendant.

He then decided rather than working for other company he would start one of his own. He returned to India and envisioned the future of India.

“Pursue your goals even in the face of difficulties, and convert adversities into opportunities.” Reliance Industries Limited (2005)

He always took the step further into the business regardless of difficulties. ‘No’ is the word he never understood in his life. His admiration towards growth of India was the main objective of his life. Dhirubhai Ambani led himself to his vision by building the trust with the people all around India. He believed that Reliance industry was the peoples company not his. (The story of Dhirubhai Ambani, 2011.)

The early vision of Dhirubhai was to find gas and oil in India which he accomplished within 25years of his life. He bought new technology from around the world and builds world class refinery in India and was pioneer in providing the best infrastructure facilities to the people in and around him. He was fond of his own philosophies. He admired that the person needs no invitations to make profits but need to grab the opportunities at right time. Mousumi Kumar. (2012).When Dhirubhai entered the telecommunication industry; his vision was “Karlo Duniya Muthi Main”, means keeping the world in your fist. This motto was not only for him or for his company but also for the customer of his company. (The story of Dhirubhai Ambani, 2011.) His Leadership in Organizational Effectiveness

A leadership quality was a gift of god for him. He always thought positive towards any step he takes in life. His qualities have not only benefited himself but also to the shareholders of the company. He believed in joining hands with Indian citizens rather than leading alone. Dhirubhai saw the great potential in Indian market and found the capabilities of Indian people. In 1977 when Dhirubhai thought of expansion and opened his hands to Indian people and became the public’s company. The small investors were not keen about the company’s growth but had put their money on trust he built with the people. They trusted the inspirational qualities of Dhirubhai and the pace of growth with his positive attitude. Mousumi Kumar. (2012)

His effectiveness and efficiency made the company proud after building the world class refinery in Jamnagar (Gujarat). In the period of 11 months he got the best technology, best infrastructure and best employees to the plant and made it running within a year. His inspiration has removed the word ‘impossible’ from the mind of the people. One of the famous philosophy or quote of Dhirubhai Ambani was “Growth has no limit at Reliance. I keep revising my vision. Only when you dream it you can do it”. Reliance Industries Limited (2005) and Mousumi Kumar. (2012).

He always trusted the future and found that there will be more growth in upcoming industrial era but what led him to heights was his ability to find a best opportunity for the country and for people. For him trust was greater than money. Today the Reliance Industry is well known for its trustworthiness towards the stakeholders and without this approach Reliance Industries wouldn’t have reached such heights.

His policy was once if the decisions are made and should be implemented as soon as possible without any delays or losing the opportunity. He was man of his words. His ability to see the future was far upward than any man in his times. For example- In 1966, Dhirubhai used a strategy of backward integration to build a textile empire without any second thought in his mind. He faced many problems while taking this decision but he always moved as he got the opportunities and started the new textile company called Vimal. When he achieved success with this strategic decision he found that he can do anything possible in this world with good support and bless of the people he trusted in. RIL (2005)

Effectiveness towards his work was more important for him. Grabbing the opportunity isn’t everything but implementing it effectively is more important and that is what he left behind after his death. His vision and mission were the challenge for himself and he loved playing with those challenges. He would always take challenges and barriers on him even on behalf of stakeholders. His philosophy was dream to the core and dreaming has no limits or barriers and doesn’t cost a penny. His inspiration towards the employees of Reliance Industry was if you don’t get the opportunity don’t wait for but create one of your own.

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