Divorce Bill Essay

Divorce Bill Essay.

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New Divorce Bill Stirs Controversy in the Philippines

The Philippines and Vatican City are the only Catholic countries and in fact the only two countries which do not permit divorce. Though The Philippines is a democratic country, and over the years, the evolution and transformation of the ways of life and the ways of thinking there have undergone dramatic changes, adopting other cultures and traditions, the nation remained religiously contained and oriented, which indicates that the majority of Filipinos still value their beliefs in the Supreme Being.

A Divorce Bill, also known as House Bill 1799, is currently a controversial hot topic in the country. Though annulment, which is filed under Article 36 of Family Code in the Philippines, is duly being applied and allowed in the country, most of those who are pro-divorce would say that is not enough intervention for those couple who can’t live together anymore.

Annulment is too costly for the marginalized sectors or common people to get approved in the Supreme Court. Thus, it only means legal separation but not actually ending marriage. This involves a claim that a marriage even from the beginning was defective and is thus null and void. Infidelity, battery or abuse, gross irresponsibility, homosexuality, impotency, and some sexually transmitted diseases in either spouse can be grounds for annulment. Furthermore, the increasing rate of abuse of women and children is an ongoing reason why people want divorce to be legal in the country. There are about 22 women per day reporting physical abuse by their spouses and that in itself is an indication that it is about time to pass a divorce law, according to the pro-divorce. For the anti-divorce, however, the sanctity of marriage is always highly regarded in respect to divine law made from the Holy Scriptures. The fear of God and the religious belief system remains intact among the majority of Filipinos, be it non-Catholic Christians or Roman Catholics. Thus, this is…

Divorce Bill Essay