Documentation of Billing System Essay

Documentation of Billing System Essay.

Brief description of the proposed thesis topic

The word ‘billing’ can refer to both the total amount of goods and the act of counting them. Others take a billing to insure the number of items ordered matches the actual number of items counted physically.

Statement of the Objectives
General Objective
The general objective is to create a computerized billing system for J&S Oyster Restaurant.

Specific Objectives

The following are the specific objectives of the study that will determine the deliverables: * To present an accurate computation on the bill charged to the customers.

* To produce a print out on every sales on a daily weekly monthly basis. * To secure records on the database.

* To procure a more accurate orders eliminating errors done manually. * To facilitate a faster transactions in billing the customers.

Significance of the proposed thesis topic or justification

This study was made to make the work easier, faster and more accurate in terms of billing. The proposed system was developed and implemented to lessen the work of management of the company.

It provides more accurate and reliable records of billing (day, week and month).

Review of Related Literature and Studies

Ritchie, Marshall and Eardley (1998) mentioned that by providing a suitable support environment, office automation system are intended to benefit the knowledge workers in two days: Direct benefits are better control over work, due to less division of labor and fewer non-productive activities such as filling, record keeping and updating. Another benefit would be indirect benefits, are less quantifiable, and may enrich the organization through long-term profitability and growth.

These benefits can be less dependency on other department for support with copying printing and similar activities, less need for procedures and control to monitor work flow between departments, increased individual job satisfaction due to greater personal effectiveness in carrying out the range of tasks, greater customer satisfaction, due to better information production and a more timely service, increase competitiveness of an organization through the improved use of its information resource and its ability to respond to business pressures on opportunities.

IT applications have changed the nature of the workplace. Tasks ranging from taking orders to analyzing business plans are done using computers rather than paper and pencil. Where people once relied done wherever and whenever it is most convenient. Alter (2001) cited that using telecommunications technology as a substitute for travel is one part of a trend of bringing the work to the workers rather than the workers to the work. In the same general vein, the phrase ”any place any time” increasingly summaries the customer’s expectation that business will provide what the customers wants, when and where the customer’s wants it.

With the fast and ever changing technology, communication plays a vital role in any business as this will allow its client and the company to interact at
an instant. Greater connectivity supports the continuing convergence of computing and communication whereby communication capabilities have become essentials to many systems, and computing capabilities have become essential to communication systems. Consider the way sales people at many firms use touch-one telephones to obtain pricing information and enter orders. In these systems, the telephone becomes a data entry terminal for an information system. (Alter 2001)

Since the endeavor will use SMS technology in providing the automated inquiry service, population over the texting market will undeniably needed. Olive (June 16,2004) in his article said the, the Philippines was cited recently as Asia’s leader in short message service by CommunicAsia 2004, an annual telecommunication and broadcasting held recently in Singapore. He further stated that there are already 25 million mobile subscribers.

This phenomenal growth can also be equated to the affordable and accessible mobile service. At this time, SMS has become more popular and is not limited to personal usage; different sectors of the population are now using this technology to gain competitive edge in information technology.

Nowadays, the use of SMS technology great helps us in our daily lives, most of the time we communicate with others through SMS. The proposed system allows the use of SMS technology for notification feature that sends message to the MIS head when a computer peripheral is altered.

Documentation of Billing System Essay

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