Freedom to Comment Reflection Essay

Approximately 6 six years ago, I was caught in a difficult situation involving a possible Vulnerable Adult case. As the advocate for my consumer, I felt obligated to report the suspicions that were evident. As a supervisor, I must follow protocol and the chain-of-command in the organization. I found myself between a rock and a hard place. My client was reporting to me that the case manager was at his residence to have him sign checks, to cash, for the social security office.

With my experience, why would cash be sent to re-pay the social security office? I notified my supervisor of accusations and I was told that they would look into it. It continued for several months and I reported the claims again. My employer informed me that if I pursued these accusations, my job could be in jeopardy. As a mandated reporter, I bypassed my employer and went to the sheriff’s office. Shortly after my report, the case manager was caught at the casino during work hours, after she locked the company car keys in the car.

Shortly after, I was informed that I needed to make a taped interview for the case. I had the threats of termination of my position if I wanted to pursue the claims. Reputations could be in jeopardy and I needed to conform to the norms of the organization and not report what I believed. The more that I stated my feelings; the more I was told to stop the questioning of my authorities. I had these feelings before but I thought I should, “Shut up and do my job,” I could not let this go and a conviction of guilty were the findings!

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