How Your Diet Is Influenced by Religious Essay

How Your Diet Is Influenced by Religious Essay.

Since the beginning of time, dietary practices have been incorporated into the religious practices of people around the world. Some religious are prohibited from consuming certain foods and drinks. Practices such as fasting are described as tenets of faith by numerous religions and several incorporate some element of fasting. The diet influenced by religious beliefs does have numerous benefits in our daily life but it also has some disadvantages. Some religions have dietary restrictions which are observed by their followers as part of their religious practice.

Such like Islam has laws permitting foods classified as halal. Which is means pork and alcohol are not allowed. Meanwhile, most hindus are vegetarians and must do not eat cow. There are reasoned why every religion have dietary restrictions in their daily meal and it is because of food safety.

According to Wisegeek (2012) religious dietary restrictions protect the followers of the religion which is allowing them to grow fruitful and multiply healthy meal. Furthermore, every religions has it owns preferences and culture.

In culture of religions, they do have their own eating patterns and behavior. Cultural also provides guidelines regarding of the food in their religions. If the religions had a good eating patterns in their daily life it will give a benefit on their diet. It depends on how many amount of food that their takes in one day. As we know, some religions have some acceptable foods and unacceptable foods. For religions that have a bad food combinations it can have negative effects on their health, especially when it comes to their digestion. In addition, food combinations can also give harmful effects to their body.

While this may be true, we should also consider the fact exposure to food by religions local cuisine does influence their diet. Basu (2011) states that for a person that more exposed to a food, it more encourage for them to eat it. Foods that are commonly and easily cook within a specific religion frequently become a part of the local cuisine. For example, other religions cook such an oily dish but there are other religious cook their dish with grilled or boil it. It is based on how the followers of the religions cook in their daily life because the followers are only more exposed to the foods that are easily for them to get it. It does influence their diet when they are eating based on their local cuisine.

In conclusion, certain religions are at high risk of nutrition-related disease. With understanding and adjustment it is possible to change their diets so they are easily followed a current healthy eating habits. It is very important to us to take the best possible care of our body and develop healthy cooking and eating habits in order to help our live life.

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How Your Diet Is Influenced by Religious Essay

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