Movie Review of a Study in Pink Essay

Sherlock Holmes is always my favorite, not ‘one of’ . Since my father had bought me the first book of “complete stories of Sherlock Holmes”, I have read series of books about him. For many of years, Sherlock Holmes has made many books, Movies, even comics and has been played by different actors, including Christopher Lee, Clive Brook, and Holmes in “A study in pink” Benedict Cumberbatch. , who corporate with Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson. Since I think I have seen enough words on paper to have a understanding of the Characters, I almost do not watch any film which has relationship with Sherlock.

Movies can never be better than books in my point of view, but when I finish watching “A study in pink”, I think my perspective will change in the future. The movie tells a story happened in 2010: A series of people all commit suicide by taking a poisonous pill. the police are sure that there must be a link, which they can’t find out .

It was Sherlock Holmes who is the only man can help. The man who has an talented brain and created the job of consulting detective. Watson (played by Martin Freeman)is a wound and invalided army doctor, who cannot afford the expensive rent any more and wants to find a roommate to share a department.

The infamous Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch,’) was introduced to him, who has an extremely strange life style as well as a mind of genius . Knowing him better and becomimg interested in the case, Watson became Sherlock’s assistant. After a series of incidents, the case became more and more complicated. The person who commit the murder, a taxicab driver, tells Sherlock that his victims took their own lives by playing a game, Sherlock wants to know the reason of the entire case so that he follows the murderer and plays the dangerous game with two pills: one fatally poisonous, the other safe .

At the very moment,Watson shoots the “cabbie”, and he reveals at last that Moriarty masterminded the entire plan. Despite being updated and changed in many places ,the whole film seems natural as a good movie. Producer Mark Gatiss and writer Steven Moffat try hard to stay true to many of the canon facts of Sherlock, which is the most essential and tough part: his disinterest in woman, his drug addiction (he gets happiness from nicotine patches and has tougher time hidden in his flat), and his arrogance and eccentricity. What I love most about the series is the how Sherlock works.

There’s a scene which has dead body in that he starts to inspect. We can see clearly every tracks of his thoughts in his head thanks to the words on the screen. It’s so cool to watch and read along as he solves the case that I just don’t want to miss a second. At the beginning, we see the police are having a press conference about the suicides and everyone in the room is texted the word”Wrong! ” when the inspector says he is sure that all of the death is suiside. This must be the work of Sherlock and they don’tknow how he does it.

There’s also a chase scene where he’s going after a taxi. , which is very exciting . The part that he knows all the streets of London and he uses the signs on the streetsto predict where the taxi is going attracts me a lot . it’s really cool and exciting. On a whole I think this movie is a good one which is hard to find nowadays. The picture is great and the talk between characters is so memorable that they take me to another world which is full of imagination. Our Holmes is different and live in 2010 ,but that is not important at all.

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