POW: A Digital Proof Essay

This problem of the week has a main gain goal set upon boxes. There are five boxes numbered one through zero. Underneath the boxes have the numbers written under them. In the boxes, there are numbers that should be entered in the boxes that all evenly works out. For instance, the number that you put in box zero must be the same as the number of zeros that were used. The same procedures apply when using other boxes. The same number cannot be used in the box, for example, a four cannot be placed in box four or the number two cannot be enlisted in box two.

The same number is tolerable to be used more than once. The only exception is that no number higher than four can be expended. My goal for this POW is to corroborate and demonstrate that I have found all solutions and that all solutions work and is credible.


This POW was very challenging to achieve at first.

A few methods that I used to help me with this POW was using when Mr. Kohnen first showed us how to play a game of Sudoku. Sudoku is number game where you have to have numbers one through nine in a box going across and up and down. There are nine boxes so only one number can be in the box. This game helped me get a generalization of how to complete the task of this POW. I also had the opportunity to work with other classmates. Working with other classmates helped me a lot because we were able to come up with solutions faster and other solutions of how to solve the problem. Coming up with different ways to find the answer was useful because as you’re getting close to the answer, all that needs to be done is switching around numbers that will facilitate and lead you to the answer.

This is he incorrect to do this because there is a one in box two and more than one two is used in the boxes. Likewise, there is a two in box four, but the number of fours is not two. I also used the process of elimination to find the correct answer.


After doing all of the work and figuring out the solutions, here is how I found a way to find the correct solution. I am assured that there are no other ways of how to find any other solutions. The zeros generate a larger amount of numbers. Whichever number that is placed in the zero boxes that is how may zeros that need to be revealed.

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