Saints and Roughnecks Essay

This reading is an article written by William Chambliss in the 1970s. This work was intended to show the disparities in treatment based on social standing rather than actual wrongdoing. Be sure to answer each question fully. Each answer should begin with the corresponding number. DO NOT repeat the question. Answer in complete sentences. I expect your total responses to be AT LEAST a ½ page to 1 page. Formatting is as follows: 1” margins, single spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font. If you are going to quote from the text, you MUST give credit to the authors!!!! If not, that is plagiarism and you will not receive credit for the assignment.

Put your quote in “quotations” and at then end of the quote, put the following: (Chambliss 1973: pg#).

1. How does Chambliss describe the Saints? How are the Roughnecks described? 2. Where would the Saints head on the weekends and what activities would they engage in? 3. How many times was Chambliss aware of the Saints being stopped by the police in Big Town during his two years of observation? What were the reasons for the stops? 4.

Which Roughneck committed the most serious offense? What was it? 5. What were the three types of delinquency in which the Roughnecks primarily engaged? 6. Which group was more delinquent based on the number of illegal acts? Which group was more prone to physical violence?

7. The posture adopted by the Roughnecks is an indication of what according to the community? 8. What does Chambliss consider to be the three surface variables that explain the day to day operations of the police? How did the “procedure” of disregarding the Saints’ delinquencies while focusing on the Roughnecks develop? 9. Briefly (in general) what happened to the Saints after high school? Which Roughneck changed his life for the better? 10. What was Chambliss’s conclusion regarding selective perception and labeling?

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