Skateboard Essay

Skateboard Essay.

Skateboarding is a sport which somebody rides a board that is made out of different layers of wood and has trucks and wheels on it. Skateboarding was found in the early 1950’s and it came originated from surfing. They are physics, motion, different tricks and techniques. Skateboarding has a amount of physics and motion involved in this sport. For examples the Newton’s law of momentum, rolling friction, potential and kinetic energy, sliding friction, and gravity this all how skateboarding works altogether.

In the 1950’s, surfing was a famous sport in Southern California. Some Surfers were tired to surf on small waves and bad weather and decided to do something. One day, one of these guys made experiments on a piece of wood and an pair of roller skates with wheels to put them together. They tried to surf on the asphalt and sidewalks and it became a name sidewalk surfing which was later renamed as skateboarding. Around 1962, hardwood boards with wheels were manufactured and sold.

In the next years the boards and wheels were improved to do tricks and stunts. Later are teams and competitions were made to show skills and abilities. In the 80’s skateboarding was very popular of better boards, wheels, and some skateparks were build from cement, wood, and metal. After there were build two different types of “Skateboarding” the “Vert”, “Pool”, and the “Street” style. Vert skateboarding is more with ramps and half pipes. Street is more freestyle where you can do tricks or stunts wherever you want and use traffic objects.

For pool skateboarding you need a special pool skateboard you skate inside a pool. In the next 20 years, different types and designs of boards were build, the waveboard, longboard, mountainboard, pool board, and the snow skateboard. A modern skateboard has the board called deck what is made of seven plies of sugar maple veneers which are pressed together. The wheels on a skateboard have different cure, they are made from a substance which called urethane, which helps the wheels to grip better on the ground.

The trucks are in different designs and made of aluminum, there are connect to the wheels and to the deck. Trucks, and wheels are connect to the board, which allow the board to turn in different ways. Bearings are the most important tool it used to keep the skateboard in a motion and gives the skater speed, there are different rate for speed it measured in “ABEC” they are ABEC 3, ABEC 5, and ABEC 7; it depend where a skateboarder rides, and if he wants speed or more stabilization on his board.

On a skateboard you can do different types of tricks, stunts, and moves. For example you can jump over objects, grind on objects. The physics of skateboarding is one of the Newton’s Laws when skateboarders do their tricks and jumps. An example of one of the Newton’s Laws explains that “Every object continues in a state of rest, or of motion in a straight line at a constant speed, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces exerted on it. ” It means if an object puts force on a certain object of matter it will either stay at a rest or keep moving.

If a skateboard and a rider are in the state of rest what means not moving and the rider starts pushing the board, then he is on a state of moving the rider chose how fast he wants go by pushing his foot on the ground. A different law on the skateboard is the trick Hippie Jump, it is when a skateboarder rides on his board and jumps off as the board is also moving on the ground, when the skateboarder is straight up in the air on a flat horizontal surface at a certain velocity.

After the skateboarder jumps off the board, the gravity takes over and he follows a parabolic arc as he flies in the air, before he lands back on his board. The result shows that the skateboarder can land on top of the skateboard. A skateboard can be use as “Fun” to do tricks and stunts, to be athletic and transportation to get to a place, it also environmentally friendly for the nature because it doesn’t gave toxins and pollutants.

Skateboard Essay