Small Is Beautiful Essay

The word ‘small’ represents what is minor or of minimum importance but small can also be beautiful. For instance ‘smile’ is a five letter word, a small word as you may see it, but is of great importance. Smile is a beautiful thing. It brings cheer and happiness in one’s life, it helps one to stay fit and healthy not only mentally or emotionally but physically too. Smile brings joy and tenderness in one’s heart amidst various amounts of sorrow, tension and turmoil.

Not only does it beautify life but it also beautifies one’s face and personality too. A smile can melt hearts, win them and steal them in no time. Though ‘smile’ is ‘small’ it brings amicability in our lives.

Let’s take up another example– Baby. They are little angels on Earth. They are considered as God’s gift and God’s grace. Like ‘smile’ they also bring joy in our materialistic lives. We can learn so many things from them.

They teach us how to be happy, how to handle problems in a relaxed way, they teach us how to grow up as parents, they help us to become more mature, in short they teach us how to live Life. Looked how the two are related? Babies are those ‘small’ things which bring ‘smiles’ to our faces. These two ‘smalls’ together indeed brings great differences in our world.

Another beautiful example of small yet beautiful is India. India is a small subcontinent of Asia. It is much smaller than other continents of West but it prospers in Tradition, Culture and Ancient Past. India though small has a culture of its own. Here, the parent-child bond is very strong, unlike the West where children are not much attached with their parents. India’s rich culture and heritage makes it more colorful on the canvas called world. India consists of various religions, castes, tribes and regions which results in various traditions, rituals, festivals and celebrations. Diversity in India is huge in contrast to the West. When I am talking about small countries then Japan cannot lag behind.

Japan occupies very little place on the Globe but still it is one of the most fast growing countries of the world. In the field of technology it has left the other big counties far behind. In 2011 Japan was struck by a massive earthquake and tsunami known as 2011 Tohoku Tsunami. In this natural disaster lakhs of people lost their lives, their loved ones, properties, possessions, dreams, aspects, everything. The tsunami also resulted in the destruction of nuclear plants which was a huge loss to the country. But the strong mindset, bravery and undivert goal of the people of Japan overtook the disastrous loss and very soon brought her on her legs, in track. The positive ambition in Japanese is an epitome. Thus Japan is a country from which we should learn how to proceed in life without stopping. The Japanese management is also far better than the Americans.

Any small things is very essential to make the big efficient. For making a house, every brick is essential; otherwise the house may not stand well. For making a painting every little color is of importance to give it a touch of perfection, for making a movie hit every little character and scene is vital, every little automobile part is essential for a car to run properly, every little flower together makes a garden beautiful, every small clip may make the hair look beautifully tied, every little nails help big pictures to hang on the walls gathering appreciations.

A small ‘bindi’ brings in a different beauty in a women’s face Likewise an industry is made up with many small companies. Every small company helps an industry to grow up and become successful. Every company of the industries adds unto its profit, it fame and its name. Small though spells as s m a l l, is not actually small. It is also essential. Every little duckling which is considered as ugly, grow up to be a beautiful Swan one day. Thus no things in this world is small or of least important. Thus not only Big but Small is also beautiful.

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