Social Media Marketing Project – Nasty Gal Essay

All of our vintage clothing is handpicked with care for its style, wearability, and quality. Each item is unique, and comes with an individual history specific to the piece, giving it a personality beyond what modern clothing could dream of recreating.”

The types of products that they commercialize are specialty items. They pride themselves in their hand selected range of vintage dresses, tops, coats, and more–which are tailored each season to satisfy the customer’s runway cravings. Their items do not only have a high-fashion statement, but also every piece is truly unique.

They have also added new designer clothing pieces to their inventory. Their target market is the demographic that fits middle to upper-middle-income fashion conscious women who may be in their mid-teens to early thirties.

The period when they were really active and actually interacting almost instantly with their customers on their Facebook page was during the Thanksgiving weekend. Within a span of 2 1/2 hours starting from November 24th at 9:27pm until the 25th at 12:04am, they posted hints and information about what items were going to be on sale.

Their promotion on Black Friday was 25% off on all shoes. A lot of their customers were disappointed by this and expected good sales on other clothing items as well. Later that day on Black Friday at 5:43pm, they re-announced that they were going to have a store-wide sale the upcoming Monday and suggested that if people were looking forward into buying a lot of things, they should just wait for the Monday sale but if the customer just wanted a shoe and maybe another small thing then might as well just buy it that day because they indicated that they will not have a good sale on shoes for quite a while.

The main purpose of their online presence according to my observation is to share their fashion inspirations and increase fashion awareness. They also have posts of behind the scene snapshots of their photo shoots. They do a lot of photo blogging whether it is specific as to how different people wear sequins, studs, velvets, and platforms to fashion role models like Kat Hessen, Uschi Obermaier, Tina Chow, and Grace Jones. Another reason is to increase sales by promoting weekly new items. They had one model every week and that model would pose for the photo shoot wearing every new piece. Also, there is no doubt that they want to provide a platform for customer feedback.

Since Nasty Gal has a small and very specific target market, their online presence is consistently targeting their entire market as a whole. I have noticed too is that they are actually socializing and communicating with their customers and blog followers. They are experts when it comes to stepping up their social media presence because they are an online store. They put in so much effort into their social media networks because they do not have a physical retail store. The brand started out as an eBay store in 2006 and so the brand’s foundation is by hyping up their online presence. I think that the only thing that needs improvement is their Youtube channel. Their Youtube channel was last updated five months ago. I believe that they should be consistent with that as well.

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