The Popularity of Extreme Sports Essay

The popularity of extreme sports has continued to grow steadily over the last decades. A lot of people all over the world are extremely attracted to these relatively new sports because they have the possibility to express themselves in a new way and experience adrenaline rush.

As we all know everything new is very attractive to us and new kinds of sports are not exceptions. When massive media support of these activities was launched, in order to get kids off the couches, their popularity went through the roof.

People became involved in different activities such as skydiving, mountain biking, rock climbing, etc. People are fed up with basketball, soccer, football, martial arts, these sports became generic. It would not be an overestimation to say that almost everyone goes into one of these sports. It is in human beings nature to tend to stand out and extreme sports are good ways to do it. I am of the opinion that people think that your activities are linked directly to your personality: if you are boring, you do dull thing and controversially unusual activities mean great personality and positive outlook.

Once one of the greatest surfers said about passion to this dangerous sport: that it is his autograph to the world, in such a way he expresses himself.

It is worth to notice that we live in the 21st century and we are absolutely limited in our activities to home works, jobs , and studying. Frankly speaking our life is boring. Everyday we see the same faces, the same walls, we sit on the same chairs, we do not spend enough time in the fresh air we just do not live active life. With know doubt such living provokes stresses, fatigue, and just do not assist us to get our peace of mind. Personally I spend half a day in my university, sitting at the lectures and to tell the truth now I’m like a suppressed spring that tends to straighten up. In other words I and many other people lacks adrenaline rush and dangerous sports gladly grant us a good portion of adrenaline.

To put it into conclusion, against the background of stresses, boredom and daily routine people choose dangerous and extreme sports to have the possibility express themselves, and to shake their lives a little bit.

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