The Problems That Confront an Illiterate Person Essay

The Problems That Confront an Illiterate Person Essay.

Being illiterate brings a lot of barriers that regular people can’t imagine. Think about how life is for people without the knowledge to write or even read? Illiteracy not only limits the ability to read and write, but also to communicate and develop in this society that is constantly changing. They have trouble adjusting to changes in their life. It is not difficult but they need effort to adapt in this twenty-first century. The life of an adult with this incapacity can be a challenge because it is more complex than we have thought.

Illiteracy is a problem that influences the social life of a person. The daily life of an illiterate must be difficult because of the lack of information and skills. Illiterate parents have a difficult time helping their children with homework as reading letters or reports from school. They could have difficulty communicating with others in writing. They could feel embarrassed with themselves having low self-esteem and low status in the community.

The cause of this is the illiterate has been affected by the rejection or mockery of others that have academic preparation.

Also, illiterate adults have difficulties using new devices, they need help to understand new technologies like computers, Ipads, and android phones. If they can’t write, it is impossible to write a text message or e-mail, and they would not be able to use a social network or navigate the Internet. Illiteracy is a serious problem; illiterate adults need to look for help to learn and understand; this causes a dependency in their life.. Simultaneously, literacy is necessary in the labor market, economy, and political rights.

Imagine how those individuals would do to sustain themselves without the knowledge of reading and writing. They would be very limited to get a good job where the pay and benefits are adequate. People limited to working on a job that are not require literacy skills must do jobs that require only physical work. Their economy could be affected and they need to work harder to achieve their personal goals.

These days, people with that incapacity in the Unites States can receive government help but they may have little knowledge about their rights and duties in society, so hey have limitations in the individual rights that the law gives them, for example the right to vote. In the same way, the privilege to drive is difficult to acquire because they do not qualify to take the theoretical test and they could not read the road signs. In reality illiteracy limit some other aspects of life, such as health, religion, and education. Illiteracy is a problem that enclose health areas. An individual might have severe limitations comprehending messages and knowledge, these are important for his/her self-care.

If people do not understand, it can cause problems in health, hygiene, and nutrition of their homes. Similarly, their religious beliefs would be limited to knowing only basic information because are not able to read the Bible, but to understand more areas, they would need help. On the other hand, education is related to illiteracy because that’s the beginning of learning and there might be reasons that explain why they didn’t learn; for example maybe left school early or left early school or lost the ability to read and write through time.

If illiterate people want to learn, they should start at the beginning and this action can be beneficial because they could start a new career, improve their job, and communicate correctly. Sometimes education is the last thing they try because they could be ashamed to ask for help or they think it is too late to learn because they are old. After all, illiteracy is an incapacity that affects a person and could affect the people that surround him.

In this twenty-first century, everything has been changing; we need to access new technologies and new developments. Illiterate individuals could have low self-esteem and can be victims of deception. Illiterate adults have major limitations of employability due to low knowledge and experience. Their lives have been challenging every day because they need to understand what happen around them and confront the society that has been changing daily.

The Problems That Confront an Illiterate Person Essay