The World of Advertisement: Tricks of the Trade Essay

In the era of globalization, advertising plays a major role in the competitive business world. Nowadays we go through thousands of posters, billboards and fliers. Many industries capitalize on the power of advertising to attract or win customers away from their business rivals. The impact of advertising is so huge, that it causes many people to purchase things they do not want initially. Many people do not realize that advertising encourages people to purchase things, by conveying misleading ideas and being negatively influential on their decisions.

It still provides the avenue for people to choose wisely about the purchases they make in their life. Some people feel that the power of marketing campaign drives the popularity of certain merchandise; while others believe that commercials simply let people know their own demands.

It is clearly seen in the 21st century that advertising appears everywhere possible in our daily life. Although some advertisements provide a great amount of genuine information for customers, the vast majorities of ads contain false details about the products or hide unwanted facts about the products they’re promoting.

For example an advertisement will show you how helpful and desirable the products are, which leads customers to an one-sided way to understand the goods and using them. Many customers beome disappointed when they find out the product doesn’t work like they said. Therefore it’s not a good way to find out what to buy or how good the product, through seeing advertisements because it doesn’t reliably tell us what to buy and what not to buy.

Advertising encourages people to purchase things they do not want, through misleading ideas. It’s proven to be a successful tool to highlight the features of their product to the public even though the product is deemed undesirable such as cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and so on. For example, Newport’s, a cigarette company which sponsors many football teams, seems to be promoting cigarettes to the public. Without the sponsorship, the company will be less known to the public, resulting in fewer sales of cigarettes. However, many people smoke nowadays because they are influenced by the successful advertising even though smoking is bad for your health. Besides that, advertising has a large impact on the decisions made by people in their everyday life.

Many businesses use advertising as a form of promotion to create awareness about their product in the market. A new product needs extensive advertising to penetrate into the market, while existing products require advertising to increase the consumption. For instance, in a fast food industry, the introduction of a new flavor of burger needs advertising to reach the public, while the other burgers require advertising to increase consumption. Children especially, are easily influenced by this type of advertisements.

Almost all commercials being seen on TV nowadays use celebrities or role models as a way to increase efficiency. In such advertisements, a famous person usually plays the role of a customer who uses the product and feels very satisfied, or they may give a brief review of how “good” the product is. For example: when Proactive first came to the scene they used Puff Daddy in their commercials and then the product became very popular and it seemed that even people without acne were purchasing Proactive. With the influence of celebrities, advertising seems to be more successful because the faithful fans will be likely to follow their superstars and use what they use. Therefore, the products which are bought are usually not really necessary for them.

It is claimed that powerful advertising increases volume of trade for three reasons. Firstly, people have a habit of collecting information about goods from advertisements. This is because these materials illustrate products in graphic detail through photographs and videos. Secondly, there are many misleading commercials that entice people to pay for unnecessary goods. Some OTC drugs producers, for example, exaggerate the effects of their products in the mass media. Thirdly, promotion campaigns create a fashionable trend among population potentially and widely. Some people, especially adolescents, tend to follow fashions blindly. There have been reports showing students selling their kidneys or trading sexual favors in exchange for iphones and ipads this shows how much some are consumed by advertising.

How ever the high sales are also attributed to some social factors. Obviously, consumers are constrained by their income level. Accordingly, an impoverished farmer is less likely to buy a Ferrari after watching a car advertising film. Furthermore, we usually consider our relatives opinion prior to shopping. That is why there are so many married couples shopping together at IKEA. Lastly, sales always correspond to customers habits of life. For instance, my grandfather will continue to subscribe to the Oregonian despite of the influential Amazon’s Kindle advertisement.

In conclusion, advertising persuades people to buy things that are not really essential and does not provide genuine information about products. In my opinion, companies and organizations that are spending money on advertising should save to improve the quality of the products; they will gain fame and sell more as long as they produce quality goods. Moreover, customers shouldn’t rely only on advertisements to decide to buy a product or not; instead, they should check for reviews and opinions of people who have used the product.

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