Universal Studios Essay

Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park located within Resort World Sentosa on Sentosa Island. Universal Studios Singapore was one of the top 10 gated attractions that assisted the Singapore tourism industry to achieve a record high visitorship for year 2011. It has since attracted more than 4 million visitors in the 2 years from its opening. This destination has attracted a lot of visitors by providing full of products and services that support for entertainment, shopping…In this report, I’m going to indicate the customer satisfaction of Universal Studios Singapore include the survey.

2. Objective

– To garther customer’s gender and aging.

– To understand how to do reasearch mothed and collect data.

– To know which are the most attractive activities in Universal Studios Singapore.

– To get feedback from customer.

3. Research process

This report could be completed by doing questionnaires. I prepared thirty questions for the survey which is customer satisfaction of Universal Studios Singapore. At 9.00 am, I was at Universal Studios Singapore to start my survey question.

However, I completed only few survey by visitors because they had just started the day to experience interesting things in Universal Studios Singapore. Therefore, I must wait for them until midday when they had a break. This time was great to do survey, so I’ve completed lot of surveys to support my report.

After all surveys have been done by vistors, I came back home and analysed all answers of visotors in each survey. In my opinion, there were many interesting and useful informations that I can put them into my report. Firtly, I can recognise the average age of vistor is from 17 to 35 year olds. In these ages, people always want to experience the adventure and new things. Besides, I also realise that the falicities and services of Universal Studios Singapore are very excellent through answers of vistors. They satisfied all the expectations of visitors even children as well as adults.

4. Research method

The survey could be completed based on questionnaires and observation of researcher. The reason why I choose questionnaire method is very cost effective when compared face-to-face interviews. This especially true for studies involving large same sizes and large geographic areas. Besides, questionnaire is familiar to most people. Nearly everyone has had experience completing questionnaires and they gennerally do not make people apprehensive. In my opinion, observation is also a good method to complete this report. By this method, I can recognize people who are willing to help to fill up the questionnaires. Also, it saves my time so I could finish the survey earlier.

5. Proplem

During the research process, I have got some troubles about visitor’s cooperation. Firstly, almost visitors were busy with their game activities. They spent a lot of time and money to enjoy and relax in Universal Studios Singapore, so they did not want to be disturbed. Besides, communication barrier is also a proplem for me to contact with visitors. Many visiors are come from different countries over the world, they speak their own languages such as Chinese, Japanese or Korean instead of English. So it makes me fell very difficult to get closer with visitors.

6. Problem solving

For the first problem as mentioned above, vistors did not want to be disturbed when they were enjoying their game activities. So I have to wait for them until midday because they usually have a rest after playing many game activities. This time is so great to catch them and complete the survey questions. For the second proplem, I have found a key to break the communication barrier. That is body language method, so visitors can understand and help me to finish the survey.

7. Conclusion

In tourism and hospitality industry if you can update exactly data which we need then it will be a huge advantage to expand them because tourism is as known as a way to gain quick revenue, high potential. After finish this report I can gain more experience for myself in searching and coolection data by the accurate and bibliography which is a basic part of data.

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